• Josie Coco

My life as a garden

Day 306/366 days Towards Self-Mastery.

Making sense of my life has taken many forms. Right now what is working well is to think of my my life as a garden. There is so much inspiration that we can take from nature. From the beginning, I find in nature the ability to thrive no matter what, and that gives me so much encouragement! We are after all, nature.

It's spring in the garden right now. Everything is blossoming, plants are pushing up and pushing out new shoots of green foliage to capture the sunlight and turn it into food for growing and ripening fruits. Nectarines sprouting from the bare branches, baby avocados like baubles on the tree, big saucer-sized magnolia flowers providing stunningly beautiful landing pads for bees to bath in the ample pollen.