• Josie Coco

Take this opportunity to indulge yourself!

Day 67/366 days Towards Self Mastery. Mood: really tired

With all the fuss around a Coronavirus epidemic that isn't, in Australia, I thought today I would get my pantry stocked up, get some extra prescription meds and settle into social distancing. As I have a chronic respiratory condition and the weather is changing to autumn, it's a time when my immune system and yours goes through a bit of an adjustment. In other words, it's one of my more vulnerable times.

Addressing my preparation for a time in isolation should I get sick, then, took priority today. My greatest concern was cat food for my kitty. But nope, it was my medications that were in short supply. Still, all going well, they'll arrive by Tuesday.

Tomorrow I'll prepare a few meals and I'll take Sarah's suggestion for today and prepare a "comfy drawer".