• Josie Coco

What delights will I discover this year, 2020?

New Year's Resolutions haven't been a thing for me for a very long time. It's more my style to set some sort of intention based on where I am in life and what seems to be the next thing.

I'd been spending some time trying to figure out what it was that I really did love so that I could do more of that.

Then the time on my Mac caught my attention, it was exactly 11:11 on 01:01:2020. So that must be a sign, right?

My lovely home was getting a bit of attention over the Christmas break with my very own amateur Feng Shui assessment, along with implementing a few remedies. There was quite a bit of guess work involved, I have to admit! Trying to turn a Northern Hemisphere Feng Shui plan into something that would reflect a Southern Hemisphere approach to the seasons and elements just about had me turned into a pretze