Radically Real Conversations
that connect...

Radically Real Conversations is a facilitated programme of topics raised by group members, that are relevant to them in the present.

Learn and practice evidence-based relational skills that build connected relationships

Connected relationships naturally support the process of healing ourselves and others

Image by Annie Spratt

Connected relationships are foundational for collaboration and cooperation, decision making and solution finding. They build trust. 

We connect through holding ourselves in curiosity and deep embodied listening, and offer attuned and resonant feedback.


All topics welcome, with an emphasis on the topic's impact on you.

Radically Real Conversations are facilitated by drawing on Gestalt theory, Field theory, and Attachment theory and associated research.

  • That we are all connected as we are impacted by, and are impacting, each other.

  • That change happens organically when we can be more of who we are in the present moment. 

  • Emotional intelligence is highest when relational intelligence is understood and practiced.

  • Your group/team/community will become more cohesive, cooperative and collaborative, leading to improved motivation and engagement in all areas of life.

The process...

Ideally, we will stay connected for 20 conversations
  • We'll use the first meeting as an introduction to the conversations and to confirm final group participants.
  • We'll follow that by workshopping group agreements around confidentiality, and the mode of conversation.
  • You'll have the opportunity to connect, learn, grow and find support where you will be heard and held in your truth.
  • You'll learn and practise relational skills that have the potential to support you in all areas of your life including your personal, professional and business life.
  • Meet weekly initially, then fortnightly as we choose and agree. The group will be closed to newcomers once established.
  • Pilot programme pricing is $25 at the time of booking your place in the introduction conversation, then $25 for each of the 20 conversations, paid in total in advance, or by fortnightly AP's. 
I hope you'll join us in the very first in-person pilot programme in Maleny QLD, for women 55 years and over, and living alone. Or you are welcome to join our waitlist, and/or make a suggestion for a group that you would like to participate in. Click below.

Future programmes are planned for both in-person and online.
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