Radically Real Conversations
that connect...

Radically Real Conversations - Conversations that Connect

Personal Development and Relational Learning in a group setting that builds safety and trust, and creates relationships that are a vehicle for healing and growth

Image by Annie Spratt
  • cultivates curiosity and compassion

  • builds a bridge between our differences

  • creates a pathway to creative solutions

  • strengthens existing relationships

  • connections with like-minded people

  • broadens perspectives

  • heals hearts and minds

The process...

  • we'll use the first meeting as an introduction to the conversations and to confirm final group participants, then
  • ...we'll plan to meet for 8 conversations
    after that, we'll...
  • make a decision together as to whether to continue
  • we'll workshop group agreements around confidentiality, and Gestalt group conversation mode
  • meet weekly initially, then fortnightly as we choose and agree. The group will be closed to newcomers once established. 
  • connect with me to share your thoughts for groups that interest you: e.g. men, women, parents of adolescents, single parents, etc
Radically Real Conversations is a therapy tool that I use with my clients everyday. I'm sharing them with you so that your relationships can be healing relationships too. Let your relationships be your therapy!

You'll learn and practise relational skills that have the potential to support you in all areas of your life including your personal, professional and business life. Click below...


Please connect with me here if this interests you for your group or team