EAP Coach & Mentor

Every employment relationship impacts your bottom line

Productivity, the quality of your products and customer service, cost containment and profit all hinge on the relationship you have with your people,

and their willingness to engage with their job.

When things aren't going well in your team, motivation and engagement evaporates, and can be replaced by disruptive behaviours, poor performance and increased attrition rates,

and the expense associated with these.

Image by Annie Spratt

As an EAP Coach & Mentor I am able to offer...

  • your team the opportunity to learn and experience relational intelligence in their interactions with each other through individual and group relational intelligence training - from here emotional intelligence emerges

    and also...

  • the opportunity to explore their unique approach and any concerns that they are navigating as a member of your team, or influences from their life experiences


By taking a relational approach, my role is to mentor and explore those areas that impact relationships with each other, supporting your team to discover ways to work more cooperatively and collaboratively for the benefit of the whole team and your organisation.

  • we'll explore the dynamics of how and when conflict arises and learn to be with each other when differences emerge

  • we'll discover how to gain a deeper understanding of what is important to team members at these times so that a workable compromise can be negotiated

  • emotional intelligence is highest when relational intelligence is understood and practiced

  • your team will become more cohesive, cooperative and collaborative, leading to greater job satisfaction with improved motivation and engagement

  • motivation and engagement translate to a more profitable business and excellence in customer service

However this is not a quick fix...

Relational Intelligence is about much more than communication and conflict resolution.
  • It's about holding our perspective lightly as we engage with a team member with a different point of view
  • It about sitting with uncertainty and open to understand how others are impacted
  • It's about being aware of the close environments we live and work in and how they impact us continuously and differently
  • It's about bringing heart into relationships at work
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