Mentoring Towards Self-Mastery is right for you if you are wanting to live well and not sure where to start

a relationship, a new business venture, a new career, a separation, any significant change where you want to experience more resilience, well-being and growth is a good place to begin

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As we work together, you'll begin to experience more certainty.


By taking a relational approach, my role is to be "with you" so that we can explore your current experiences and desires together at your pace. 

  • you'll get an understanding of what drives you and you'll be able to monitor it more closely

  • you'll get better at reducing the frequency and intensity of overwhelm and meltdowns until you barely experience them at all

  • you'll naturally become more emotionally calm and be better able to meet life's challenges

  • you'll build more resilience into your nervous system and learn to pick up its early clues as it reacts to something in your environment

  • you'll develop into emotional intelligence as it is currently defined in the workplace - self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and enhanced social skills

  • you'll gain clarity going forward

As you come to know yourself deeply you'll begin to notice you have the


This is your place of maximum RESILIENCE

This mentoring will change you...

However this is not a quick fix. This is a practice. Step by step you will make significant progress towards self-mastery with more resilience and a sense of inner stability and personal power achieved through safe experiential learning, one-on-one.
From there you have the opportunity to build a life of harmony, joy, ease and success in all areas of your life.

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Clinic: 55 Hakea Ave, Maleny QLD 4552 Australia

Sessions: In clinic and online by appointment

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