Self-Mastery for those who are reassessing and refocussing

and who want to build more emotional and mental wellbeing as they meet life's challenges and build a meaningful and fulfilling future

Towards Self-Mastery

A personal mentoring programme for anyone who wants to achieve self-leadership and become a more effective leader for their family, community or business.

As we work together, you'll begin to experience more certainty.


By working with your current experiences, we'll dip into and address any leftover concerns from present or passed events by focussing on how they are affecting you in the present

  • you'll get an understanding of what drives you and you'll be able to monitor it more closely

  • you'll get better at reducing the frequency and intensity of overwhelm and meltdowns until you barely experience them at all

  • you'll naturally become more emotionally calm and be better able to meet life's challenges

  • you'll build more resilience into your nervous system and learn to pick up its early clues as it reacts to something in your environment

  • you'll develop into emotional intelligence as it is currently defined in the workplace - self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and enhanced social skills

As you come to know yourself deeply you'll begin to notice you have the


This is your place of maximum RESILIENCE

Josie is just the most amazing person.

I have used her to help me move forward from what I call being "stuck" and PTSD. ...... With the help from Josie the fog has lifted and I am now looking at a new career I would never have entertained before... thank you so much Josie. Mary H

When we are reassessing our priorities and refocussing our life, we want reassurance that we can make the changes that will make life work better.

The transformation you are seeking can be achieved effectively through supported self-reflection that uses  your everyday experiences to understand yourself more deeply and fully.

This mentoring will change you...

However this is not a quick fix. This is a practice. Step by step you will make significant progress towards self-mastery with more resilience and a sense of inner stability and personal power.
From there you have the opportunity to build a life of harmony, joy, ease and success in all areas of your life.


Patent Attorney and Solicitor

When I work with you, I don't know WHY or HOW it works, but I know it does work on a LIFE CHANGING level. We are not talking "pep-talk, go away and do a bunch of stuff and fix yourself", we are talking BOOM!! CHANGE!! Life and love and energy all happening in every part of soul and heart, and shifting things inside of me so that the terror of the past, and the deep-seated internal beliefs around that, have evaporated, truly left in the past where they belong. And I know from past work with you , that when I work with you and we move past an historic event, it truly is gone from my psyche. 


Independent Business Woman

Josie tunes into energy fields and pinpoints the originating cause of any issue. By this very observation, the adjustment occurs.

Scientific papers in quantum physics prove this phenomena and if you are open to progressive concepts in energy medicine, this system will appeal.

I was surprised by how efficiently Josie was able to identify wellbeing issues both on a personal level and related to my small business.

I recommend Josie and her services highly. 

Business Development

I have to tell you that things have changed. My boss commented recently on how well I am working under pressure, that he’s noticed I’m calm, organized and on point. I still have as much pressure as I’ve always had, but I’ve become much more aware of my vibe and how to support that! My family has commented about how much more settled I seem, and my friends have said they’ve never seen me this happy. That’s all happened since I started working with you.

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Clinic: 55 Hakea Ave, Maleny QLD 4552 Australia

Sessions: In clinic and online by appointment

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