Towards Self-Mastery 

The Details

  1. This individual mentoring programme will be customised to meet your needs as they become apparent throughout our time together.
  2. We will schedule according to your needs.
  3. I will walk alongside you as we contemplate and explore your immediate challenges, focussing on your process, sharing knowledge, answering your questions, and encouraging you as your situation brings up life patterns that are ready for an adjustment.
  4. My intention is to support you to know yourself deeply, and to reach into and build your resilience which in turn will build wisdom and self-mastery. Your realisations will naturally emerge as you build trust in yourself.
  5. This work is practical, grounded support, delivered with my pragmatic relational approach. 
  6. The option for energy psychology to help you overcome hurdles will be available to you should you wish to explore this idea.
  7. You'll have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and your situation in the privacy of this one-on-one safe and trusting relationship. 
  8. The duration of this mentoring programme is for as long as you want to continue, with meetings and payment plans designed to meet your needs.
  9. Feel free to make contact if you have any queries.

"I did Josie’s Inner Work course and was very impressed with the breadth of content and how I can apply it to my personal and professional life. Josie has a wonderful calm nature which can’t help but rub off on you too." Elaine N

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Why I do this work...

Relational Intelligence cultivates growth in your personal life and relationships, in your business and in your career.

Everyone has the innate ability to live life well. We get to where we are by being resourceful and resilient. And we carry some patterns that unhinge us from time to time. Our work together is to discover and review those patterns in the context of a safe relationship so that you can realise new ways of doing things to take into your world.


Your health will improve, you’ll step into more personal inner strength and stability, you’ll develop closer and more caring relationships, and you’ll experience your unique resilience to meet life's challenges.


You will be able to have immense positive impact on those closest to you, and the causes that inspire you.

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Clinic: 55 Hakea Ave, Maleny QLD 4552 Australia

Sessions: In clinic and online by appointment

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