When You're Triggered

When You're Triggered

This workshop is the 2nd of 4 in the series: TOWARDS SELF-MASTERY. 
You can use your emotional meltdowns to resource you with the resilience to build a better future. I'll show you how. I'll share the knowledge and the reasoning, and help you develop techniques to shift out of old patterns and create an awesome future. Join me!

You've looked back over the last decade or so and discovered that things haven't gone exactly to plan. Relationships are not great, things have shifted within the family as children leave the nest, and you're not sure where to from here.


You realise that you need to understand what drives your decisions and choices.


You want life to be better. 

Many of our habits and mannerisms, quirks and unique ways of being us have been adaptations and adjustments we've made over the decades. Many of them are passed their use-by date.


Getting to know yourself well, deeply and honestly is the first step to exploring old inner stories that inform those habits and that continue to impact your life. Then you can use the information as data to make your life what you want it to be.

Join me:

Saturday 6th July 2.00 - 3.30 p.m.

Maleny Neighbourhood Centre Conference Room


What we'll cover in the workshop presentation:

  • Let's examine what those triggers really are. What's the source? Hint: it's not your hubby or your kids. 

  • What's going on in our body and our nervous system when we're triggered

  • How can we use this information to reduce the trigger effect?

Because this is very personal work, you will not be asked to contribute anymore than you wish to.

My desire is that you take away some useful information and techniques to help you on your path.