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Josie Coco MGestTherapy

Overcome obstacles to thriving and living well

help with anxiety


racing heartbeats, intrusive thoughts, the constant worry, all

scattering your focus

help with depression


when you're feeling isolated and overwhelmed, you don't have to

face it alone

childhood trauma

neglect, abuse, complex PTSD, abandonment, emotional neglect, they all leave their scars

help with emotional neglect and childhood trauma


when life is tough, and your solution is also hurting you

help with addictions
help with team bonding

team cohesion

bonding your team through interactive group work, accelerates their growth and yours

help through life's transitions

life transitions

navigating loss when you're left feeling powerless

Image by Rémi Walle


when life's hard and you're looking for another solution

Image by Vanessa Bumbeers

childhood trauma

neglect, abuse, complex PTSD, emotional neglect, abandonment all leave their emotional scars

help with anxiety and depression
help with work related stress
help with childhood abuse and neglect
help with stress management
help with anxiety and depression
help with C-PTSD
help with addictions
help for anxiety and depression
help for anxiety
stress management help

your journey to wellness

stress and anxiety help

as an experienced therapist, I am dedicated to supporting you to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of how you have arrived at life as you know it right now

stress and anxiety help

with greater awareness of the “how” of your life experience, together we’ll tap into your existing inner resourcefulness and resilience, even if you feel that you’ve lost connection to your liveliness at the moment

stress and anxiety help

your capacity for developing resourcefulness for your wellness journey may be supported by incorporating movement, mindfulness and social opportunities, assessed during your initial assessment and throughout your therapy journey

stress and anxiety help

from that place of resourcefulness, you can enjoy the emergence of organic and sustainable change that is unique to you, and supportive of the life you want to live

Hi! I'm Josie.

Welcome. The pace of modern life can often lead to challenges that impact your ability to thrive. With a focus on the present, we start your healing journey by assessing your needs holistically. This means we consider you as an entire person – your physical health, thoughts, emotions, and relationships, and how you have been impacted physically, mental and emotionally, and socially by your life experiences and situations. 


With you, we aspire to the untangling the impact of past patterns on your present life and will support you with the tools to create a more fulfilling and authentic future.

We'll focus on the pieces of the puzzle that leave you stuck and struggling. Our work is shaped around a trauma-informed framework, with multiple evidence-based and evidence-informed therapy methodologies to provide our holistic approach.  Relief will come with a solution that is uniquely yours as you gain insights and growth during our work together. 

Your individuality and intelligence is honoured as we collaborative in the therapy process. Well-being is a journey, not a destination, and we are here to provide the guidance and tools you need to create lasting, positive change in your life.

This is a private practice. Private health funds have approved my work by issuing me with provider numbers, so that you may be able to make a claim if you have the appropriate health insurance cover. 

Josie Coco MGestTherapy

how we work with you

connect with us

make an appointment by calling or booking online, or make a time for a 15 min call to see if I'm the right therapist for you

tell us a little about you

complete an intake form and consent for therapy that you will receive by email


your first appointment will be a time to assess your needs and share your goals for therapy

therapy & wellness plan

it's time to begin your journey to wellness with an agreed plan for therapy sessions and other supports relevant to our proven model

what our clients say

Belinda R.

Josie is very professional and has many years of experience in various fields. I found her sessions incredibly helpful and even in some cases life changing. Josie is supportive, easy to talk to, understanding and compassionate. Over the past 7 months we have built a great rapport and professional relationship built on trust and mutual respect. I look forward to continuing to work with Josie in the future. 2023

Suzannah M.

EVERYTHING in my process with Josie has been a huge benefit to my life and given me insight and understanding to many aspects of my relationships, me and my life generally and helped me to work through and process and manage several long existing and continuing issues and improve my coping strategies and helped me to find some peace and clarity. The ongoing support and advice has been amazing!!!!!  2023

Cathryn W.

Josie is intuitive and practical at the same time. She has a real gift for seeing beyond the surface and helping you find and harness reserves of inner strength you didn't know you had. If you need clarity or are suffering from overwhelm, Josie guides you to find your own unique path and overcome obstacles you might not even have known were there. 2021

Melissa C.

I have never met anyone as grounded and present as Josie. She is extremely talented in identifying what it is you need, and communicating it in a way that allows you to see what is already within you for your own growth. She has a huge heart and goes above and beyond during her sessions. I highly recommend experiencing working with Josie, as she is absolutely amazing! 2021

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