"Enjoying a feeling of belonging, having the freedom to live well, safe connections and supportive relationships; these are our birthright."  Josie Coco

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Freedom to be you

looks and feels like:-

breathing out

relaxing deeply

feeling alive

animated and joyful





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You're ok

You'll have the opportunity to review, revise and adjust emotional remnants of your life experiences:

you know yourself deeply

you have an untapped resilience

your earlier right choices may no longer serve you

your body holds the memories of everything about you

you have the answers within you

together we'll explore them



Your moods and emotions are your body's way of responding to your environment and the impact it is having on you.

Trauma informed therapy and coaching means that your body's responses are noticed and understood, and so is how to gently recalibrate them to bring freedom from anxiety, stress generally, and even from depression

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It's courage that brought you here, and its courage that keeps you seeking answers to solve the mysteries and challenges of your life.

My invitation is to join with me as we build a safe, trusting, and supportive connection that will enable you to explore what is real for you so that you can live well

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Shall we take the next step together?

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Get to know me

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wellness brief

$50 AUD

30 mins to brief you on your completed health & wellness info, and get you started now, towards self-mastery

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let's talk

$135 AUD

Real conversations that moveyou passed stuck issues and life's challenges

Online or in clinic

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leadership mentor

Real Conversations that build trust and safety - foundations for cooperation and collaboration. For difficult conversations, learn breakthrough relational skills.

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radically real conversations

Learn and grow, connect and find support through specifically structured and facilitated, group conversations with an evidence-based framework, as we develop safety and trust in the group environment.

Connection and inclusion, attunement and resonance are key values. For personal or business groups.  

Hi! I'm Josie.

Everyone has the innate ability to live well. Gestalt Therapy & Relational coaching can best be described as "the art of being with you", and enables us to explore together to discover ideas, concepts, patterns, memories and conditioning that are the blueprint for your life experiences, so that you can review them, adjust going forward, and live your best life.

Whatever your life's challenges; at work, in relationships, your family, communication, leadership, your physical and/or emotional wellness and more, and especially if you have experienced adverse experiences in your life, our work together will open the pathways for you to adjust and thrive.

That is what I bring to our work together, as a Gestalt Psychotherapist.

You'll enjoy the immensely freeing feeling of developing into self-mastery.


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