When you're reassessing and refocussing, seeking a meaningful and fulfilling life...

The NEW best version of YOU is about



Before business growth, career advancement or relationship growth comes personal growth. Taking the first step is the hardest and leads to eyes wide open to the obstacles that keep you stuck.


When those obstacles are visible to you, you finally have other options available to you that you can't imagine right now. Notice life unfold as you move forward toward the life that you want for yourself and those close to you. 


You'll develop emotional and mental wholeness and peace of mind.

You'll naturally reach out supportively, no longer falling into reactive mode. Relationships change direction and become what you want them to be.


It's courage that brought you here, and its courage that keeps you seeking answers to solve the mysteries and challenges of your life. Eventually you will welcome any form of disharmony as an opportunity to know yourself more deeply, and to heal your life.

Living Self-Healing

You can make every moment of your day a self-healing moment

12 mini-modules - snapshots of wisdom and practical actions to synchronise your waking moments with your natural energy resources to activate self-healing - a gift, we are all on a self-healing path.

COMPLETELY FREE - a gift of self-healing

To activate this gift and for more info

You’ve proven that you're capable and resourceful, however you're realising that many of your aspirations and expectations haven't been met.

You're refocussing and motivated. You want to progress. 

You want to grow. You want to thrive!

You've looked back over the last chapter of your life and you want life to look and feel differently.
You know it is going to require some inner reflection.
What's the solution? You can use the data from your overwhelm experiences and meltdowns, any form of disharmony, 
to transform your life.
I'll show you how. 

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"I have never met anyone as grounded and present as Josie. She is extremely talented in identifying what it is you need, and communicating it in a way that allows you to see what is already within you for your own growth.


Her energy work is outstanding and has made a profound difference in my life and I am extremely grateful! She has a huge heart and goes above and beyond during her sessions. I highly recommend experiencing working with Josie, as she is absolutely amazing!" Melissa C

Katrina Alilovic - Counselling Psychologist Perth AU

I've just completed three sessions with Josie and after each one I feel a lift in my energy that I can't really explain. I've felt wholly supported by Josie and she has facilitated, with ease, a lovely connection between us all.


I am moving in the direction of 'towards' taking action on realising my goals.


Thank you Josie for your part in this and providing practical tools, your carefully placed pearls of wisdom, love and support. It feels a bit weird saying 'love' in the professional context but other words like 'warmth' just don't quite hit the right note.

Hi! I'm Josie.

Everyone has the innate ability to know themselves deeply. By doing so, you are able to review and spontaneously adjust patterns and conditioning that are the blueprint for your life experiences, and live your most authentic, genuine self.


When you resolve to live from your most true self, your health will improve, you’ll step into more personal inner strength and stability, you’ll develop closer and more caring relationships, and you’ll be recognized and acknowledged for the value that you bring. From your most genuine self you are able to have immense positive impact on those closest to you, and the causes that inspire you.


The NEW best version of you is about SELF-MASTERY.

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