You’ve derived your satisfaction with life, your self-esteem and your relationships needs, all primary needs, from the great parenting job you were doing as well as the awesome lifestyle you accomplished as a result of the success of your husband or partner, achieved w...

Women, without men to support them and care for them were extremely vulnerable, for centuries! We learned, at the very level of our DNA, to do what we had to do for our stability and security, no matter what.

For those stuck in the freeze mode of coping, there is a tendency to isolate themselves as a means of coping with the difficulties of the world. They struggle with showing up for their business which makes networking difficult. Being visible and promoting themselves in...

My most profound learning experience was when the one person in the world that I had tried to love deeply, to whom I had dedicated 2 decades of my life, had worked so hard to get it right, had stood beside, walked beside, supported and fought for, stood there in front...

It's not just about our strengths and our competence for the position of influence we hold. It's also about our weaknesses, our limitations, and knowledge of our reactions and responses as we meet everyday challenges.  We’re all running an inner operating prog...

Raising our vibe is a bit of a mission. We have a whole physical body that was created in that vibe, and that continues to faithfully support that vibe that we’ve been hanging out in all our life so far.

Forever we have believed that we need to find someone that has a list of qualities that, at the end of the day, we will feel safe and nurtured with.

Being the best version of ourselves is the one we feel most happy with. If you find that you're not happy in one or more areas of your life, it's time to explore what's keeping you stuck.

It pays to remember that most of the problems we encounter in families are a consequence of old coping strategies and automatic nervous systems responses that break social contact, or as Dr Stephen Porges describes it, "biological rudeness".

We're meant to have compassion and be forgiving when we're really hurting. We're expected to remain calm and rational when we're intensely triggered. We're telling ourselves to get over it yet it plays over and over in our mind.

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