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our therapy approach focusses on you as a unique person - it's truly holistic - no generalisations, no one-size-fits-all

Our approach to healing and growth is supported by a Field Emergent BioPsychoSocial model. This holistic approach enables us to recommend the most appropriate expert therapist to complement your psychotherapy work, after we have completed an initial assessment with you and agreed upon your needs. On this page you will find the contact details of the experts that we work with. You are welcome to contact them directly to discuss your needs and make suitable arrangements with them.

Disclaimer: We are proud to be working with the therapists you'll find on this page. We have chosen them from our own personal experience, and feedback from colleagues and clients. We want you to know that we do not receive any direct benefit from the therapists listed here as a consequence of referral. If you choose to work with one of these therapists, we trust that you and they will build an appropriate therapeutic and professional relationship together. We are not able to be accountable to either you nor them, for the outcomes of your work with them, nor the therapy relationship you develop.

Make a time for your initial consultation. Your initial assessment will be completed at your first visit. We'll make recommendations at that time to support you to make the best choices for your therapy and recovery.

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