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Let's Talk About Childhood Trauma - AU$156

Let's Talk About Childhood Trauma - AU$156


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Childhood trauma is a heavy burden to carry, one that can affect every aspect of your life. 


Please know this: you are not alone, and your pain is valid. As an experienced therapist, I'm here to provide a safe, judgment-free zone where you can explore your past and find a path to a brighter future.


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  • Professional Information

    PACFA Reg. Clinical #27254

  • Your Path to Emotional Freedom

    Childhood trauma robs you of your vitality:
    I'm here to guide you on a journey toward understanding, addressing, and healing from childhood trauma. Together, we'll work through the emotional scars of neglect, abuse, complex PTSD, emotional neglect, and abandonment to help you reclaim your life.


    Childhood trauma comes in many forms:

    1. Neglect: The absence of emotional, physical, or psychological support can leave lasting wounds. We'll navigate the complex feelings that stem from neglect together.
    2. Abuse: Whether it's physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, the trauma is real. Together, we'll create a space for healing, understanding, and empowerment.
    3. Complex PTSD: Living through ongoing traumatic experiences can lead to complex post-traumatic stress disorder. We'll explore strategies to manage symptoms and regain control over your life.
    4. Emotional Neglect: The silent trauma of emotional neglect can be just as profound. Let's work on reconnecting with your emotions and nurturing your inner self.
    5. Abandonment: Feelings of abandonment can sear deep into your psyche. We'll explore these emotions and help you build a stronger sense of self-worth.


    Your journey begins here:

    You've taken the first step towards healing from childhood trauma by seeking support. Remember, your past does not define your future, and your pain does not define your worth. Together, we'll navigate the path to emotional freedom and help you reclaim your life. Your journey begins here, and I'm honoured to be your guide. Reach out today, and let's start your transformational journey towards healing and a brighter future.

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