• Josie Coco

Allow your passions to re-emerge

Day 208/366 days Towards Self-Mastery.

Living your passion may take a few adjustments. To be honest, it upsets me when the realise that many people are spending their whole days working for someone else's passions, and hoping to connect with their own some other time. For me its unimaginable.

My area of passion has always been central to my life. Putting my happiness and joy for my work before the enticement of the pay packet was a choice I made early. It's also the reason that I've never earned a great income. My passion is in caring for others, the caring professions of nursing, midwifery and now mental and emotional well-being. These jobs don't generally pay well.

So if you are ambitious to follow the crowd into more consumer items than you will ever make good use of, then you are probably chasing the money. I hope you can find a work environment that gives you both money and satisfies your passion. Otherwise how do you connect with your passion?