• Josie Coco

"Are you able to connect" is a very different proposition to "are you connected?"

Day 41/366 days Towards Self-Mastery Mood: Feeling settled

Making a conscious effort to be present. That's the work. Coming back to now, to what's in front of me, to right here, right now.

Twenty odd years ago when I began my self-mastery commitment in ernest, there wasn't the social media presence there is today. The distractions back then were newspapers and television. It was easier to turn them off. You had to make an effort to go buy a newspaper.

Nowadays with all the wi fi devices at our fingertips, it's a lot harder. The mind is easily captured by novelty, and what better way to grab our attention than give us a challenge to see how many likes and love hearts we can get for each and every post. How many make-believe friends will follow us, and who thinks enough of us to share our insights, even if those insights are nothing more inspiring than our breakfast?