• Josie Coco

Autumn, a time for restorative practices

Day 113/366 days Towards Self-Mastery. Mood: excited for this beautiful day 22/04/2020 That's a number sequence 444. I'm made about 4s.

Autumn is such a stunning time of year in my world. Here in SE Queensland there are very few trees that turn their leaves to brown and fall to the ground, unlike in the cooler climates where the trees turn through shades of yellow, reds and browns. In my garden it is the stone fruits that drop their leaves, a lovely symbol of the autumns in the North of the South Island of NZ that I have loved dearly.

At this time of year, my son and I would take a road trip to our favourite beach spot, Kaiteriteri, to enjoy the very last of the Autumn sunshine before the mountains became drenched in deep white snow, and Wellington plunged into a blisteringly cold winter.