• Josie Coco

Do what needs to be done

Day 309/366 days Towards Self-Mastery.

"You must be how you want to be, but you must do what needs to be done." This pearl of wisdom I heard recently by Sadhguru. It made so much sense.

"You must be how you want to be." That we are able to decide if we are conscious enough to be present and aware of how we are feeling, how we are reacting and responding in every situation. This wisdom inspires us to be in control of our choices. It teaches us that we are the only person who can decide how we want to be. It reminds us that whilst we may be triggered from time to time by others, it is not others who make us feel a certain way, it is our choice whether by being unconscious or by not attending to our inner work.

It is easier to be able to make the choices for how we want to be by being present and aware of the obstacles that we have inside us that trigger us into misery.

I want to be at ease, blissful, joyful as a way of life. That is my busi