• Josie Coco

Expect the unexpected and take action now

Day 88/366 days Towards Self-Mastery. Mood: confident

It's early days in the CV-19 crises in Australia, and it's worth reflecting on the progress that other countries have navigated to where they are today. Hold what you read and hear lightly and make sense of how it might apply to you here in Australia and our situation.

Here in our corner of the world, we are in the "going into hibernation" stage of isolation. We're getting a feel for what its like to spend the day at home with the children, adjust our life to new priorities and dealing with the strange feelings of having our routines disrupted.

Not to mention having to work our way through the loss of jobs and income, and living with the uncertainty of where our next funds will come from. Check my blog on making financial adjustments to support you through this time.