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How to vibrate happiness

Let’s face it, as hard as you try, hanging onto happiness is no walk in the park.

No sooner do you feel chirpy and life is sweet, then you come crashing down.

You still feel overweight, you still struggle to make ends meet, you still don’t have enough time to get everything done, you’re still fighting with your partner, you’re still battling with your kids.

What’s going on?

Misery! It’s a vibration or a frequency that is at home in your body. It’s an e-motion – energy in motion, and it changes the structure of water.

Happiness. It’s also a vibration or frequency that could just as easily have a home in your body.

Why do some people generally feel happy whilst others of us generally feel misery?

Our default emotion, (that’s the one we fall back on when we’re not really thinking about it), is generated by a set of beliefs you have about yourself. Beliefs that you may not even be aware of.

We create our beliefs through our perceptions of our world at an early age, by putting a lot of thought into them, and adding a dose of intense emotion.

Our beliefs tuck themselves into our sub-conscious mind (or somewhere out of sight), and set themselves to auto-run.

What happens when we develop, over the course of many years, many ill-serving negative beliefs, all set on auto-run?

Your default energy signature

Those beliefs and the emotions that they generate create your default energy signature. And that energy signature resonates in every molecule of water in your body.

My life experience for the first 45 years or so was one of misery. No matter how hard I tried, I struggled to lift my spirits above ground zero.

Yes there were moments of joy and fun, but when those moments passed, that default emotion of misery returned, accompanied with the litany of thoughts that continued to reinforce and add more depth to those beliefs.

  • I’m not smart enough.

  • I’m not pretty enough.

  • I’m not popular enough.

  • I come from the wrong side of the tracks.

  • I’m destined for failure.

When your vibrating in misery it doesn't much to send you into a tailspin

When you are feeling the weight of this sort of belief system, it doesn’t take long for someone to come along and trigger one of these beliefs and send you into a tailspin.

Pretty much all of your life is spent somewhere between misery and despair. You’ve developed an emotional set-point of misery.

That ‘misery’ is not just an expression on your face, or a grumpy mood

That ‘misery’ generates the vibrational frequency that creates the environment in which every organ, every gland, every system, every process, every cell of your body is immersed.

Your whole body feels miserable. Your heart feels miserable, your liver certainly feels miserable, your digestion feels miserable, every cell in your body feels miserable.

That misery is trapped in your body and in order for you to experience a joyful, healthy life, it needs to come out.

Do you think you can become happy when every cell in your body is vibrating misery?

Do you think you can remain healthy in a body that is resonating with misery?

We are beings of energy, and we are mostly water

Did you know that 99% of the molecules in your body are water? Those molecules make up about 70% of your entire body weight. Almost all of the atoms in our biology (that’s the energy part) make up molecules of water.

‘Misery’ is information. It’s information in the form of a vibration or frequency signal and your body is responding to it.

That frequency resonates through your whole body because it is resonating through every molecule of water in your body.

What you are saying to your body in one form or another is this, “I am miserable!” And every cell which is very much part of your “I am” agrees with you and responds in kind.

You want every molecule of water in your body to carry a higher vibration. A more supportive “feel good” vibration, like happiness, contentment, joy.

Recently Dr. Carlo Ventura, a scientist in Epigenetics showed that information is carried by water when in the presence of an electromagnetic field, not dissimilar to the electromagnetic field of the earth. Reference. The way that this information is carried, is in the form of a frequency, or vibration.

You might also remember the “Messages in Water” experiments that Dr. Emoto published in the late nineties, showing the effects on water, when exposed to certain conditions and certain words.

You have to tell yourself a different story

If you want to change your default energy signature, you have to begin by telling yourself a different story.

But first you may want to discover the story that you are currently telling yourself.

You can do this by examining your feelings and thoughts to find out what your story is. I’ve devised a simple technique to help you that I call the “Emotional pit-stop”.

As you do this on a daily basis, you will begin to see the patterns of thought that you have on auto-run, and get some insights into the beliefs that you hold.

Now change your story. Each time you find yourself resorting to the same old thoughts, pull yourself up and rewrite the script.

In time you’ll begin to notice that it gets easier. The reason that it’s getting easier is because you are beginning to shift your default vibration. You are beginning to give those water molecules a different frequency to play with.

You want to immerse yourself in “feel good” vibrations as much as possible. That’s your mission.

If you feel that you would like some help, you can contact me for a “no obligation” chat anytime. This link will take you to my scheduler to make a time that works for you.

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