• Josie Coco

Living in the reassuring rituals

Day 218/366 days Towards Self-Mastery.

The sound of the kettle coming to the boil as I warm the coffee plunger, scoop an oversized portion of soft coffee grounds, gently pour the boiling water over them after having rested it for just a few minutes. The ritual is complete with a long slow inhale of coffee aroma before securing the lid to return it to its pantry shelf.

My kitty climbs tentatively up my body to rest on my shoulder at 6.50 am to alert me to breakfast time. She purs and snuggles and invites a patting hand, leaps off the bed as I throw back the covers and waits by her breakfast dish for a special morning pat of her belly and a therapeutic squeeze of all the muscles and joints as I do my morning check over with deliberate pressure to activate proprioception that she would enjoy if there was a kitty companion.

The everyday rituals that make life bearable are often rushed and harried and their intrinsic value to the texture of our life overlooked.