• Josie Coco

Seasonal self-care

Day 272/366 days Towards Self-Mastery.

When I think of self-care I think of the many seasons we travel and the changing needs we experience to maintain our well-being, emotional, physical and social.

Our greatest need for self-care is when we are most busy, occupied with the busyness of life, the time when we are filling our lives with care and chores and tasks for others, and rarely have time to consider our own needs.

At these times it's more difficult to be tuned into your needs, and your special and unique ways of meeting them. Finding ways to nurture yourself might take a little time and consideration. It doesn't have to be complicated nor expensive.

Without exception, nature has always been my go-to for harmony and calm. The place that brings me down and mellows me out. Whether there is a local park to eat my lunch or a short walk with a cup of coffee, nature always soothes. When I can't get out to it, I bring it into my office with flowers and pot plants. I need closeness with nature in some way.