• Josie Coco

Simplicity makes room for growth

Day 139/366 days Towards Self Mastery.

The more simplicity you have in your life the less time you need to spend supporting it with your precious time and money.

This simple truth occurred to me when I first experienced the debilitating effects of burnout. Having to reduce my daily working hours from 16 to 3 to be able to manage my health was a big wake up call.

Since then simplicity is my friend, my health has improved and I continue to live with little clutter, surrounded by things that are practical or beautiful.

Start with your junk drawer. Is there a home that doesn't have that one drawer where all the bits that don't fit anywhere else ends up? Single shoe laces, spare buttons from the seam of a new shirt, a cigarette lighter that someone left behind, plastic ties that will come in handy one day, a deck of cards that are missing some. A proud moment was clearing out my junk drawer leaving only a small w