• Josie Coco

Solitude connects us to our humanity

Day 207/366 days Towards Self-Mastery.

For most of us there is "the life we lead today and the life we yearn for so deeply."

We of the world in 2020 are now nearing the end of the 5th month of measures to support us to deal with the pandemic COVID-19 virus. Much of that time has been spent in isolation and at this time, there are many uncomfortable and awkward moments as we wait to see if our friend will hug us or will prefer to socially distance herself.

When we understand that consciousness is forever evolving and expanding we get a sense that what is here today is the result of our thinking and being of yesterday, and the days before that, a natural progression of events and creation. What then does this say about COVID? What has COVID brought us?

It has brought us time in isolation, time alone that we can use as solitude