• Josie Coco

That urge to head for the hills

Day 140/366 days Towards Self-Mastery

Sarah's inspiration for today is called "scrambled or fried". I simply love this analogy as she weaves the story of being so overwhelmed with life that she fantasises about buying a one-way bus ticket to an out of the way country town. Here she imagines that she will take a job in a local cafe where the only responsibility she has is to ask her customers if they prefer their eggs scrambled or fried.

Have you ever found yourself so overwhelmed with responsibilities that you feel like heading for the hills?

As I write I'm reflecting on the mountain of responsibilities that I had shouldered for way too long, and the light weight delight of having shifted out from under that burden.

It wasn't the responsibilities that urged me to step into my walking shoes and head in one direction. It was the sheer boredom and monotony of a life f