• Josie Coco

The lost treasure of forgotten memories

Day 53/366 days Towards Self-Mastery. Mood: Reflective

How many of us have very little memory of our earlier years?

It's surprising the ends that the human spirit will go to in its effort to erase difficult times. It's through observing the human spirit that I discovered the drive to thrive that our body and mind is so competent with.

Your childhood doesn't have to be riddled with major physical trauma, sexual abuse nor other physical evidence of neglect to leave your spirit wounded. Emotional neglect, the kind that emotionally unavailable parents deliver by simply trying to make their own lives work, means that most of our basic needs are unmet. The need for closeness, caring and supportive relationships, and the need for acknowledgement and recognition of our uniqueness.

These emotional voids send us searching, striving and driven to figure out how to make life work if we're lucky. Depressed and addicted if we're not. The impact of these emotional wounds can rob us of our memory of our earlier years with perhaps the exception of memories of heartbreak.