• Josie Coco

You will love living an inspired life

Day 64/366 days Towards Self-Mastery. Mood: celebrating going strong at 64 days!

Inviting inspiration. My best ever example of someone who follows their inspiration is my father.

A farmer who spent most of the year after year after year alone on his farm, driving his tractor up and down rows of sugarcane, or wielding a chip hoe along acres of long rows of newly sprouting cane seedlings removing weeds before they consumed the precious water.

It's likely that he was in a meditative state for most of the day.

My father made all his important decisions based on inspiration that he received during the day. He would say that he got a tap on the shoulder to let him know it was time to sell a piece of machinery, to repair a car and even when it came time to sell the love of his life, his precious farm.