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10 Things to Know About the Inner Work

As business and professional women, we aspire to be the best version of ourselves. We muddle along attempting to do some form of inner work, all the while desperately hanging onto a success mindset by a thread.

We're picking up clues and techniques from here, there and everywhere while we're juggling the demands of our work, our family and our home life.

We're often confronted with what seems like conflicting realities. How are we meant to have compassion and be forgiving when we're really hurting or even feeling frustrated and angry? Is it really possible to remain calm and rational when we're intensely triggered? We're telling ourselves to get over it yet it plays over and over in our mind.

How do we make sense of this inner work? And more importantly, how do we make progress?

Here are 10 things to know about the inner work. Regardless of how you do the inner work, these 10 things remain constant. One

The purpose of the inner work is to review, revise and release old stories, beliefs, memories, expectations and attitudes that are wired into your brain as a programme on auto-run, and that are no longer serving your highest good. Two

The inner work doesn’t have to be hard work. Three

The inner work is going to be uncomfortable until you resolve the issue at hand. This is a good reason to welcome the discomfort, knowing the rewards are on the other side. It’s definitely a case of going through. Four

If you’re wanting a more peaceful, calm, harmonious and joyful life, the inner work is the most important work you will do. Five

When it doesn’t feel like you’re making progress, you are. Revise your expectations. Take one trigger at a time. You and your ancestors have been amassing layers forever, and here you are, reversing the trend and releasing them. Six

Keep going. It gets easier. Seven

Question everything you believe. Become increasingly curious especially when you are triggered. Eight

Stay focused on your reactions and your responses. As you understand and adjust these, everything, everything… gets easier.


Don’t worry if you are unable to find compassion. When you discover the story behind your reaction, you’ll discover compassion around about the same time. Ten

It takes longer, then it takes less time, and then you can do it in a snap.

You can learn more about THE INNER WORK here.

Activate it, discover the core problem, solve it.That’s the inner work process that you want to work with when you’re a business woman with the demands of family, home, and work competing for your time and headspace. I’m a Health and Well-being Mentor and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. You are welcome to seek more information and work with me here.


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