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Breath Draws Life ~ Life Draws Abundance

Are you embracing life in all its magnificence?

Are you able to welcome every new experience however you perceive it, and know that it provides opportunities for your expansion?

Can you feel the pulse of life at the core of your being that beckons you to explore new potentials?

“In mystic philosophies the breath holds the secret to the highest bliss. That is why breathing is the dominant factor in Yoga.” Alexander Lowen, the Voice of the Body.

Your abundance, and everything else including your joy, your happiness, your peacefulness, your opportunities and your potentials will align with you in direct response to your engagement with life.

Breathing. It responds to your intent for your life. Are you really committed to being here? If it’s all too hard and you secretly wish it was over, guess what? Your lungs and your breathing cycle will oblige by beginning the process of shutting down.

Re-learning how to breathe naturally will begin to inform your body that you have made a brand new commitment to this life that you have.

As a life-long asthmatic, I have had ample opportunity to explore the effects on my health of decades of unresolved grief, and a very early decision that I didn't want to be here. Who would have known? It's just that every time something really serious loomed on the horizon, I would secretly celebrate, "Yay! It's all going to be over soon!" And my lungs were obliging!


It draws vitality, it nourishes our body with oxygen and it rids our body of the build up of toxic gases such as carbon dioxide.

In Chinese medicine the lungs distribute life force in the body. They give energy and sharpness to movement and they are essential for sharp reaction times.


The lungs encourage us to surrender. Releasing attachment to people and experiences, and allowing space for the new to come in. The lungs generate grief to enable us to dissolve attachments and to let go. When we hold on, our breathing becomes shallow. We are unable to let go and we are unable to move on.

Breathing in the acceptance of life, and breathing out our attachments to people and life experiences enables us to make graceful transitions.


Many of us were taught military style breathing when we were younger: “tuck your tummy in, chest out, breathe into your chest and watch it expand”.

Unfortunately this practice not only encourages us to shallow breathing, it signals to the body to initiate the stress response.

When this situation persists for long periods of time, we set up a hyperventilation process in our breathing pattern, which disturbs the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in our body, and continues to activate the body’s stress response. Eventually our body forgets how to breathe naturally.


Each time we breathe in and out, the breath scans all the frequencies of the body and sends that information to the brain. The brain can then see where the imbalances are, and make the necessary adjustments to the body’s self-healing processes to make the correction.

As we breathe out, the breath scans the lower and most dense wavelengths of energy of the bones and muscles. As we breathe in, the breath scans the higher energy frequencies or wavelengths of our thought and emotions.


Be aware that as you begin to work with bringing your breath back to a natural rhythm, you may very well release some hidden and held emotions. The movement of the diaphragm is an important component of the breath cycle and it is not uncommon for the diaphragm to be holding old memories and unexpressed emotions.


Every breath sets up a chain of events that influences every aspect of our body and its functioning.

In the lungs, breathing circulates the body’s energy system, including the meridians, the chi and kidney energy.

The digestive system relies on a natural, healthy breath cycle to massage the liver and the organs of digestion. A shallow or unnatural breath cycle may lead to toxins building up in the liver, and limits the function of the spleen, the pancreas, the stomach and intestines.

The movement of the pelvis and sacrum assist the lymphatic pump, and the circulation of the spinal fluid to maintain a healthy nervous system.


The best way to support you to return to natural breathing is the technique I use in my BodyTalk Practice. You can learn this technique here, by watching my presentation.

If you're not creating abundance and you're aware that you're not fully committed to the magnificence of this life that you have, then that's where I can help you. We'll listen to the story your bodymind has to say about why you've lost your zest for life. You'll be surprised at how your body will respond and your approach to life will change. It may be as simple as some sticky little old belief that's holding you back. Your body will tell me about it and I'll work my BodyTalk magic to enable your body to clear it. Contact me.


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