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Creative, imaginative problem-solving craves healthy sexual energies

Healthy sexual energy not only enable you to experience divine sexual intimacy with ease, it also breathes life into...

  • your sensuality

  • your confidence

  • your sociability

  • your creativity

  • and your imagination.

Let's get a bit of an idea of how well you have evolved into this area of your development. And by that I mean, how well your right-brain pathways were developed between the ages of 7 - 14 years.

Our development is hindered in all sorts of ways that often don't make sense to anyone at all. It's about perceptions and filters, how we see and experience the world at the time, and what imprints that leaves us with.

Consider your daily struggles with your work, your business, your family, your friends.

Would you say you approach them with a friendly, optimistic, and caring nature?


Are you more inclined to feel emotionally explosive, frustrated, a little... bit... manipulative, maybe over-indulgent, and do you find yourself being just... a tad... self-serving?

When we explore the natural consciousness, in other words, the natural way we develop into the energies of the 2nd chakra, the sexual chakra, we discover that it provides us with a healthy sexual energy that permeates our whole being.

  • It engenders a sense of freedom and movement.

  • We are able to experience high levels of self-love, and great self-esteem.

  • We are able to experience great joy and pleasure.

A healthy development into our sexual chakra energies enables us to show up in the world with enhanced creativity in everything we pursue, and a great imagination for expansive solutions.

It also provides us with the ability to process our emotions in a healthy way, letting them come, feeling them, expressing them, and then releasing them.

Sexual energy fuels our creativity and imagination

The sexual energy that fuels our creativity and our imaginations can be expressed in many ways.

  • In the way we hold ourselves physically, as well as our physical pursuits.

  • How we express ourselves artistically.

  • How creative and imaginative we are with finding solutions in our business.

  • And how we thrive academically.

When things are not as they should be

The health of our sexual energies is influenced by the beliefs associated with our social codes of conduct, any religious beliefs we grew up with, and the values that we have subscribed to.

  • When our sexual energies are not optimal, we suffer from a lack of creativity in our lives.

  • We struggle to open up to, and to recognise the parade of opportunities that come our way.

  • We lack the imagination to expand into the future that we want to create for ourselves.

  • We find ourselves caught in our own small and limited world.

Disorders of our sexual energies lead to problems with our sexual expression, and can lead to issues with our reproductive system, such as ovarian and uterine problems.

Depression, eating disorders, alcoholism, drug use and others also feature as aberrations of our sexual energies. Isolation, and the inability to attain our desires are other expressions of unhealthy sexual energy.

A confession

Of course, and as I write these blogs I have to dig deep into my own experiences and this was no exception. I really did try shying away from that exploration… a sure sign of something hidden away in the recesses of my... well let's just say, hidden away.

Mine was a traditional catholic background where anything "sexuality" was strictly taboo. I could tell some stories!

Of course this provided fertile ground for predatory behaviour on the part of uncles and neighbours.

The shame associated with these acts has a resonance that I hadn't fully understood.

An inability to fully realise my emotional health, and the sense of being devoid of creativity.

I became a very strategic thinker in order to make sense of the world and I lacked the freedom to be wildly and lusciously sociable, trading that for hiding away in a world of my own making. Well that’s going to change!

We develop into the energies of the sexual chakra between 7 to 14 years of age. If all is well with our world, we assimilate these energies with ease. We're able to access our creativity when we are engaged with very left brain activities like planning and organising and strategising in our business life.

It's never too late to revisit this period, take a look at how things were, the beliefs we formed, and change them. With energy psychology as it is today, no longer do you have to spend hours regurgitating your whole sorry story to heal.

What you can do

If you are not confident with your meditation practice, and you're looking for ways to feel good, a very effective place to start is to begin working on raising your default vibration. It's a very simple concept and gets easier and easier as your vibration rises. I've uploaded a lovely FREE GIFT called FEEL GOOD NOW! that might be perfect for you.

In your meditation practice focus on your sexual chakra. Take one concern at a time, and enquire. Listen, observe, feel your emotions, express them, and release.

You might find it helpful to visit with your 7-14 year old during your meditation. Scan through those years to see where there is uncomfortable energy that needs some attention.

Being able to feel it in your body is enormously helpful so focus your attention around your sexual chakra, just below your navel. Of course you could feel your body activate anywhere else as well, especially in the organs and glands associated with this chakra.

Place your hand over where you feel it in your body and ask that place to show you what it has for you.

Just explore. Allow things to unfold. Take your time and see how you go.

If you feel that you would like some help, you can contact me for an “obligation free” chat anytime.

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