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Inviting, appreciating and welcoming water

Water. As we live through the inferno that is Australia Burning at present, we are each moved to act in so many loving and caring ways.

With great love and compassion for those who are suffering, the people, the trees and forests and all plants, the beautiful Australian birds and animals and the insect critters, may you find peace.

What can we do? There are many donation platforms to give to the RFS (Rural Fire Service). There are centres for the care of hurt animals. There are mental and emotional health services caring for those in distress. Everyday there are new opportunities to help and support, and here’s another.

When I look to the bushfires through the lens of my work, especially the 5 elements of wood, fire, earth, minerals and water, I’ve come to realize that it would be helpful to pay some attention to the water element. She is missing in action.

On the ground, there is little water in the earth’s veins here in Australia. The rivers and creeks are drying up daily, we are seeing very few rainclouds and very little rain. In our oceans the water is clearly contaminated.

There are those praying for rain and some of us are inviting and welcoming rain.

Water could be plentiful in Australia. Why not?

  • Water can freeze and become very still as it does in winter, to bring us all to stillness, and deep contemplation, concentrating our ideas to remind us that our plans need forethought, and careful consideration of the consequences.

  • It can nourish the earth with gentle rain and soaking ground water to bring life to the seeds that await the warmth of the sun in spring, nurturing our considered ideas into appropriate actions that serve the highest good.

  • Water can evaporate into steam or sweat as it does in the heat of summer enabling us to enjoy the fruits of our labours.

  • Water forms molecular shapes that are designed to exclude pollutants, and nurture and support our body's tissues and I'm guessing, the tissues of plants and trees and animals and insects.

  • It can recede in the autumn becoming more viscous with the nutrients it has collected, taking them deep into the earth to share with the new seeds its wisdom, its consciousness.

But this summer water has disappeared completely from Australia. Where has it gone, and why has it left us? I can only guess.

The waters of our planet have been contaminated by all manner of chemicals and waste. Whilst the artefacts themselves are a problem as they clog up and poison our waterways, we have seen that nature is all-powerful and she knows how to clean up her own back yard.

What is most important is the consciousness of those artefacts, the information that they are sharing with the water that washes over them and that supports the organisms of their destruction.

Everything ends up in contact with water, and water is everywhere on this living planet.

Water has been shown to change its structure when in contact with human emotions. Perhaps water then shares this information with everyone and everything it comes into contact with in its journey through the liquid water, evaporation, precipitation and rain cycle.

We humans respond to the dominant or collective consciousness complete with its range of emotions that we are immersed in. We are in fact, about 70% water. Our ability to step aside from that consciousness is possible by using our free will.

When we reach a level of self-mastery that puts us into full contact and connection with our environment we respond by supporting and protecting that environment spontaneously, without always knowing why. That’s our natural connection.

You will see this natural connection in action as people come together in compassion for each other and our animal family during these times of crises. These crises raise our consciousness, or our vibe as some like to say.

With self-mastery we retain that natural connection always, not only when we are moved in times of crises.

Let’s look at examples of the consciousness of some of the common pollutants:

  1. Plastics in our ocean and landfills. The consciousness that emerges here appears to be carelessness, thoughtlessness, convenience, every man for himself, which feels like abandonment through disconnection from others.

  2. Pesticides to eradicate unwanted insects and other perceived animal pests, especially in farming and agriculture. The consciousness here feels like hatred and rejection, fear expressed as power and control, loneliness.

  3. Herbicides to eradicate unwanted vegetation. The consciousness here resonates with something like rejection, fear expressed as dominance and control, anger/frustration at the regrowth in unwanted areas, fear of poverty through scarcity.

  4. Air pollutants from modes of transport. Convenience, the sense of disconnection from others, dominance and competition seem to be the pattern of consciousness here.

  5. Pharmaceuticals including antibiotics that are prescribed for good reason. Fear, control, isolation, disconnection and loneliness, indifference are the main resonances from the by-products of pharmaceuticals.

So as you can see, how we feel as a race is expressed in how we create in our world, and then that feeling or consciousness is passed into our world as our waste and at all times it is in contact with water. Maybe water doesn't want anymore of this.

I want to note that I am not expressing an opinion about the value of these pollutants and the work that they are intended to do. I'm not expressing what is right or wrong. Here I am focused on the consciousness that accompanies their use, consciousness that they absorb and enter into our living environment. Everything carries consciousness. No exceptions.

What can you and I do to improve our relationship with water?

Sometimes we feel helpless at the enormity of the problems we and our earth are facing. Let me reassure you we are far from helpless, as we have the ability to change our relationship with the elements.

Many will know this work and for those who don’t, I'd like to introduce you to Dr Emoto’s work. A pioneer in the work of messages in water, you can learn more about his work through the link provided.

Dr Emoto studied the effects of various ways of altering the messages we give water by using blessings/words of love and appreciation. He researched the water before and after these blessings, and published his work decades ago. This work is more important now than ever before.

Recent western scientists have shown us how our energy signature is expressed in the water we come into contact with. Remember that we are about 70% water, and water is passing through us every day. We come into contact with water many times each day.

Uplift the messages in water, including the water in your body.

Show heartfelt appreciation for:

  1. the water that you drink, before you drink it

  2. the water you use in your home and workplaces that you bathe in, launder your clothes in, water your plants with

  3. anything that you put into water such as flavourings, tea, coffee, juices, flowers etc

  4. the water the runs down your drains, because it too will connect with the waters of the rivers and streams and eventually the ocean and the rain

If you use a water filter or a water bottle, you could write a note of appreciation and attach it to the side of the container. That way each time you drink from it you are immersing yourself in appreciation that will eventually leave your body and enter the waterways.

You can learn to welcome water by praying in this way.

If you struggle with how to access appreciation, it helps to connect with your heart space by placing your hands over the centre of your chest at the level of your heart, breathe deeply and slowly as if in and out through your heart space. When you are ready, extend appreciation in the way that resonates for you.

As you build your appreciation for water, I hope that you will reduce the amount of pollutants that you contribute as best you can, choose a simpler life, stay healthy and love and appreciate your own life force and that of others.

How easy could it be to uplift the messages we give to water.

In this way we may be able to change our relationship with the earth’s water and the messages we infuse it with.

Even a cupful of water may share it's message with the other water particles it comes into contact with.

Then, when the rain falls on the warm earth, the new seeds that are waiting to emerge in the burned areas of Australian will be filled with appreciation. The leaves and fruits will be filled with that same appreciation that will nurture the animals and birds and insects back to life.

Every seed that grows our food will be filled with appreciation, appreciation that will nurture us as we learn to be more caring of each other, and our beautiful home, Earth, who is currently in a phase of correction.

Revitalised water will know what to do to overcome the consciousness of the toxins and pollutants and render them ineffective. The seeds that are affected by pollutants will not grow strong. In this way nature will teach us to learn to work with her rather than against her. Remember, nature knows how to clean up her own backyard.

It will happen, and here’s how I know why. We too, every single human on this planet, even those who don’t engage in appreciation, will be filled with appreciation with each mouthful of this pristine, living, life-giving water.


Access to the right words, the right actions at the right time and the right place. The NEW best version of YOU is about SELF-MASTERY. This is a time on earth that we really do need solutions beyond strategies.

I’m a Well-being and Self-Mastery Mentor and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. You are welcome to seek more information here. If you're ready to learn to live fully with ease and grace, let's talk. Make a time here to discuss your immediate concerns.


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