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Is a success mindset possible on an unstable foundation?

Are you struggling with a lack of confidence, having trouble achieving your goals, lacking motivation and suffering from anxiety?

Do you feel insecure, and feel that you have little or no support?

Are you struggling to find your passion?

Would you love to feel centred, grounded, the master of your own destiny, fully alive with unlimited physical energy?

Whilst I was preparing this blog, I had the opportunity to reflect on my own foundations.

I discovered that I was still holding onto the belief that this world is not a safe place, that I was vulnerable and had to steel myself against the world to protect myself.

This belief formed when I was very, VERY young, (actually during gestation caused by traumas that my mother experienced).

When I enquired further, I discovered that this belief showed up in my body in my base chakra area. Specifically the quality of my Wei Qi in this area was compromised. Wei Qi is our first protective layer of energy that surrounds our body.

It also showed up in my hips that are becoming unstable as I age, and in my immune system as the immune cells are produced in the long bones (the femurs) of the legs.

The foundations of your security in the world

Have you ever wondered how the various parts of your body know what to do?

Have you ever considered how you actually manage to have those blood cells in circulation?

The key to this mystery is very elegant... Each body part, organ and gland, each cell has an "awareness" of its job. This “awareness” we call “natural consciousness”.

When you are able to maintain stability in the natural consciousness of the organs, glands, body tissues and the energy system in base chakra region of your body... looks like this:

  • You feel centred and grounded

  • You are able to master yourself and your actions

  • You feel secure, supported and passionate

  • You feel fully alive

  • You have unlimited physical energy

  • You feel connected to and able to manifest money in your life

When this natural consciousness is disturbed with conflicting information that may have been overlaid as a belief, and especially when that belief no longer serves us, we begin to see disruptions in our conscious mind as mindset issues, in our energy system as blockages and pain, and eventually symptoms develop in the affected organs, glands and other body tissues.

Instability is reflected in your conscious and subconscious mind...

...and manifests as:-

  • You feel a lack of confidence

  • You feel weak and unable to physically motivate yourself

  • You cannot achieve your goals

  • You suffer from anxiety

  • You experience a lot of fear

  • You might even feel self-destructive and suicidal

You cannot have a success mindset on an unstable foundation.

Other ways this instability can manifest includes:-

  • An egotistical nature

  • A dominating personality

  • Greed and addiction to wealth

  • A high stress load

  • Hyperactive physical activity

In time, this instability will reflects in your body as well.

If left uncorrected, this disturbed information will begin to manifest as physical conditions in those organs, glands and other body tissues mentioned.

Some possibilities include:

  • Anaemia

  • Fatigue

  • Bladder infections

  • Sciatica

  • Numbness

  • Leukaemia

  • Haemorrhoids

  • …and more

Have you ever wondered why people get sick as they get older? It’s not naturaI to become unwell as we get older, yet we've come to expect it.

The reason we are seeing an unwell ageing population is because in our modern world, these disturbances to natural consciousness are generally left uncorrected.

This instability is also reflected in our environment

For some considerable time now, as we have ignored ancient wisdom and followed our modern approach to health and well-being, we’ve created a society where we act from unstable base instincts:

  • Survival of the fittest with little regards for each others well-being

  • A “dog-eat-dog” corporate paradigm

  • Insanely competitive corporate/business culture

  • The insatiable accumulation of material possessions – the overt consumer society

Deviations from natural consciousness are describe as pathological consciousness, which is probably not the best description, but means to describe disturbances to the natural awareness.

There is a solution

Every symptom, every limiting thought, every ill-serving belief that you have has it's very own story, the story of its origin, a story that is unique to you.

Getting to the source of this story is key to enabling your body to heal itself.

Once you bring the story of your mindset issue or your condition to the attention of your conscious mind, your brain is then able to realign your self-healing processes, and you will find that release and healing is accelerated.

Start with looking closely at the beliefs, attitudes and expectations that you have acquired, both from your family, your ancestors and the consciousness of your culture, which may include some of the following:

  • Beliefs about your ability to survive or fend for yourself

  • Beliefs around money in your family and family history

  • Beliefs and experiences with your sexuality

  • Your relationships with your primary care givers

Feel into your body as you explore these concepts.

The very best time to do this is when you are actually having those limiting, sabotaging thoughts.

Observe your body. Where do you feel an activation? Enquire. Ask that body part what it has to tell you. Then listen. You don't have to do anything else, except allow your body to reveal the story is has to share with you.

You can do this through meditation.

Once you bring the whole story of your mindset issue, or your symptom to the attention of your conscious mind, your brain is then able to realign your self-healing processes, and you will find that release and healing is accelerated.

If you haven’t learned to meditate, I recommend it as an essential skill. It doesn't have to be difficult and you don't have to be a spiritual person to take advantage of its benefits.

I’ve posted a simple technique for "7-Step Meditation for the 21st Century".

If you feel that you would like some help, you can contact me for a “no obligation” chat anytime. This link will take you to my scheduler to make a time that works for you.

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