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Is all your hard work the solution or the problem?

Burnout! Pushing yourself to your limits in your career or your business. You sacrifice lunch breaks, evenings and weekends in an endless quest to get all the work done.

You want to keep everything up to date, and meet every deadline.

You're driven by wanting to make sure you use every recommended system and guaranteed formula.

But what's really behind all this frenetic activity?

Could it be that you feel afraid that you won't get that promotion? That you won't measure up?

Do you feel that you always have to prove yourself to others?

Are you fearful that you won't succeed in providing for your family? That you're just not good enough?

Mindset issues around self-esteem, and self-worth, as well as how we make money, have their beginnings in the very early formative period of our lives.

I want that! And I want it now!

From the time we come into physical form, we are gathering experiences and generating impressions that imprint on our subconscious mind. We call them "filters" or "masks". Think of them as the lens through which you view life.

During gestation and the early toddler years to about 2½ years of age, when our experience of physical life is limited, the impressions we form of the world are around how safe the world seems to be, and are largely acquired from our parents and our ancestors.

In order to receive possessions, attention and love, we LEARN to BEHAVE IN A CERTAIN WAY. Enter the 2-year-olds tantrums...

  • We form our emotional approach to life at this time – what “mask” or behaviour do we need to develop that will bring us love and affection, and the feeling of being EMOTIONALLY SECURE?

  • This early development informs the way we use our traits and talents to attract possessions, and since our possessions are often closely tied to our self-esteem, this period determines our SELF-WORTH and our SELF-ESTEEM.

  • Our possessions are mostly acquired through the use of MONEY, so this period also informs the behaviours we develop around work and generating income.

What behaviours did you learn to ensure that you received what you wanted and needed?

Did your family experienced difficulty making ends meet as my family did?

Did they feel they had to work really hard to bring income in as their parents did?

If your mum or dad felt that they weren't good enough, didn't measure up, had to compete for everything, they pass onto you those belief through their actions and in their role modelling, AND through their genetic imprint. This was the reality of their life and they lived it fully.

You don't have to.

It's not just about MINDSET!


The science of Epigenetics now shows us we can influence the expression of our genes.

Because we can change the way our genes express themselves, we can change that cocktail and that set-point to better support us.

We do this by discovering our story and releasing it, enabling us to approach and respond to life as it presents itself to us, free of limiting behaviours and the negative self-talk that goes hand-in-hand.

You can change your mind

Being aware that your ancestors and parents passed on impressions from their beliefs and experiences is a first step.

Knowing that your limiting thoughts about your worth and value stem from this period in your life when you were trying to make sense of your experiences, is important as you revisit your younger years in your exploration.

You can change your mind. And when you do, you will naturally exercise more realistic expectations of yourself and become more efficient in the process.

Review your limiting thoughts. If they show up in your work or business, where else do they show up?

Have you had the same experience before? In your job perhaps, in your career, in your family relationships?

Use the Emotional Pit-Stop Technique to identify your limiting thoughts. You'll find it on my home page...scroll down.

Work with your discoveries in your meditation practice and see how you go. It's well worth the effort.

Recently a client discovered that her fear of not being able to provide for her children was behind much of her frantic approach to working her business. Unfortunately she not only became burned out, her relationship with her children was suffering as well. Once that issue was cleared during a session, she found that her whole approach changed and the panic left her business. She was able to enjoy creating her business, and had more time for her children again. Ultimately you want to be in the flow. You want to be acting out of inspiration. Inspired actions are very targeted actions especially if you are very clear on your end goal. When you take inspired actions, you won't waste a single minute of your time, and you'll have plenty of time and energy for your WHOLE life.

If you feel you would like to discuss what's behind your overwhelm and burn out, and see if I can help you, make contact or book yourself in for a chat.


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