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Timely help from unexpected supporters

When I was hell bent on the idea that nobody supported me, I couldn't see that there was a ton of support coming from folk other than my family.

It seems that we get fixated on how our family should interact or behave with us, and we forget the friendships and community that we've developed over time. I know how heart-wrenching it is to get no response from you family when you're in need.

It pays to just let that be, to hold that expectation of family just a little bit lighter. And look around to where else support might come from. Eventually I discovered that my community was an incredible source of support when the chips were down.

It's the same dynamic in my garden.

My fruit trees and veggies are dotted with little holes around their roots and each morning I notice, as I do my meet and greet in the garden, that there are fresh holes.

You never really know where your garden help will come from.


They are cool little marsupials and there seems to be more than one living in my garden. They make these little holes with their snout as they dig for worms around the root system.

Friends are horrified and everyone seems to have a remedy to rid the garden of these supposed pests.

But I'm wanting to understand their place in the ecosystem before any eradication steps are taken.

Of course I talk to and listen to the trees and plants just as I do with my clients during a consultation. When I listen into my client's bodymind speaking to me, much of it comes to me as intuitive knowing. It guides me perfectly to find the balance within the body, and the same is true within the garden.

It's not a trick. It's a sensory faculty that we all have.

The bandicoots leave perfect vents close to the root system of the trees. The trees suggested that I use them as watering vents.

In our hot, dry, drought weather, I've been using a bucket to pour a litre or 2 of water down the holes to quench their thirst every 3 or 4 days. (Always at dusk.) Consequently they are doing really well. The fruits are growing, the trees are sprouting new green shoots, and the magnolia has rewarded me with a beautiful display of flowers.

Listen into nature in your garden. Before long you'll begin to hear nature speaking back to you. The same will happen with your body when you connect with it on a regular basis.


I'm Josie Coco

Access to the right words, the right actions at the right time and the right place. The NEW best version of YOU is about SELF-MASTERY.

I’m a Well-being and Self-Mastery Mentor and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. And I'm loving learning about life from my garden. You are welcome to seek more information here. If you're ready to learn to live more fully with ease, let's talk. Make a time here to discuss your immediate concerns. If I can help you I'll let you know.


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