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Garden essences that rest the mind, and boost the immune system

Are plants really our medicine? Herbal medicines and plants as medication have been used for millennia. Most of our medicines were derived from plants, and many still are.

Plants are medication in their natural form, and I suspect they have fewer side effects than the concentrated forms we get from a bottle of pills, if any at all.

What are the medicinal qualities of the plants in my garden? This is a question I often ask myself.

This morning I plucked a fresh lime from my lime tree to make my morning cup of tea.

One thing I don't take for granted is the fruit from my own, home-grown trees.

As I admired the beauty of this exquisite single lime that I have watched and supported to grow as if it were my very own offspring, turning it in my hands, appreciating its fullness and giving it a gentle squeeze, which was my way of giving it a limy hug, I noticed that it released the most stunning citrus smell. The skin of the lime became shiny with its essential oil, and my hands quickly became coated in oily lime essences.

Some citrus essences I find too strong for my tastes, but this subtle lime was divine. I couldn't get enough of that fresh citrusy essence as I wafted it deep down into my lungs.

One of the senses that we have undervalued and under-utilised is our sense of smell. It is the sense associated with the element of minerals or metal, and is associated with our lungs and respiratory system, supporting our energetic vitality and helping to invigorate our immune system.

It is the sense that bypasses all the other loops and travels directly to the emotional and memory centres of our brain. It will alert you to a poison in a heart beat. And it will calm and comfort you when the smell is beneficial.

Lime essences are reputed to be antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial and astringent. That's a good all rounder.

With the news of another coronavirus originating in Asia and coming our way, it's important for us all to ensure that we have healthy immune function. For me that's always about supporting my weakest link, my respiratory system.

What better way to support it than this? Lime essences have a long list of compounds and in their natural state, are very beneficial.

In our busy and distracted lives, emotional and mental health concerns are looming as the growing health problems of our era. Self-Mastery is my emotional health, self-help programme to support you to reach for peace of mind, vibrant physical health and a life of ease.

Our emotional health underpins our physical health and our immunity. Stress causes both to become unhinged. When you reconnect with nature you calm your nervous system and that in itself, supports your immunity. With the added benefit of a garden walk and innumerable garden essences, you've covered all your bases. It's as simple as connecting with your plants, indoor or out, garden or forest.

Take the time to become acquainted with the natural essences that are there for you. Each morning and each evening I walk around my garden observing, inspecting and communicating with my plants.

In the mornings I make sure I touch each plant, and smell deeply of the essences that are left to linger in my palms, rosemary, basil, sage, tomato, beans, avocado, lime, magnolia and more. Every plant has a scent that it offers to you as a gift that calms your nervous system and supports your immune function.

This morning, as I also lean more and more into self-mastery, I discovered another richness in my own backyard, natural lime essence. And that's before I even cut it to make a refreshing lime tea.


I'm Josie Coco

Access to the right words, the right actions at the right time and the right place. The NEW best version of YOU is about SELF-MASTERY.

I’m a Well-being and Self-Mastery Mentor and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner.

Self-mastery is about emotional well-being. It's about living simply and abundantly in the moment. It's about connecting to each other and our natural environment. It's about leaning into life to live it and experience it more fully. It's about moving aside from all the distractions and rediscovering the support, the abundance, the riches in our own backyard. You are welcome to seek more information here. If you're ready to learn to live more fully with ease, let's talk. Make a time here to discuss your immediate concerns. If I can help you I'll let you know.


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