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When Messages are Muddled - Finding Your Voice, Speaking Your Truth

We all want to be heard and understood but most of the time we are not aware of the quality and tone of our voice and how that impacts our communication. If you feel vulnerable, insecure and lack that confidence that you're searching for, this is the quality that will resonate throughout your business showing up in the your team communication, your marketing messages, and the content that you publish.

The same can be said of communication in your family, your interest groups, anywhere you show up.

Expressing yourself authentically from a place of inner knowing, being clear in your messaging, managing to be receptive and responsive in your communication - these are the qualities that can be gained from working with the energies of your throat chakra.

Our truth, our deep inner knowing, gleaned from all that we have achieved as we developed through the years from birth to mid-twenties is given expression through our voice.

The clarity and wisdom of this truth is supported by the preceding years of development and life experience.


Your grounded, stable and solid foundations give rise to your ability to be sociable, confident and creative.

This enables you through your curiosity, to easily gain knowledge of the things that interest you, feel optimistic and have a sense of personal power.

Self-respect and self-love come easily to you as you create a harmonious and balanced lifestyle.

By the late twenties to mid thirties, you are confident to express yourselves from your authentic place of knowing, truth and considered opinions.

Singers, poets and writers are typically well centred in the Throat Chakra.

However this is a reality for very few people, and certainly wasn't for me. It was in my mid-thirties that I realised I had deviated a long, loooong way from my path, very far removed from my inner truth.


Your foundations are shaky and not well established. You may feel vulnerable and insecure, and lack confidence in your ability to provide for yourself.

This gives rise to a great deal of fear as you become self-negating, overly sensitive, distrustful, resentful, possibly shy and timid and you begin to feel guilty.

You become confused, lack confidence, worry too much about what others will think of you, or you may become a workaholic, trying too hard to impress others, a perfectionist.

Depression may become your companion.

These energies give rise to fears of getting hurt, of being abandoned. You likely begin to feel sorry for yourselves, or you may become overly critical, demanding, possessive and moody.

Your vocal expressions are more likely to be intellectually and emotionally programmed beliefs adopted from others, your culture or societal influences.

Yes, because what else have you got. You're trying to make sense of your world, and your trying to find your truth whilst at the same time dealing with all the layers of emotional harm you've sustained in the course of your lifetime.


So what is it that interferes with the healthy development of your voice and your ability to express yourself?

The simple answer is low frequency emotional energies that were created by your emotional reactions to life and still reside in your body, probably in your throat chakra and the tissues of that region.

Low frequency emotional energies that are expanding and solidifying with each time that emotion is triggered. That's each time you feel a lump in your throat.

You may have been told that “children should be seen and not heard”, resonating as a deep rejection at an early age.

Or perhaps your role models expressed frustration or irritation as you struggled to find words, creating a level of anxiety.

Each time that message is reinforced, that initial insult expands, deepens, crystallizes. You may develop stuttering, hoarseness, coughing or a choking sensation, or you may have developed a propensity for talking a lot about nothing, and you’ve noticed that people aren't listening anymore.

If you have a very sharp mind, you will feel a physical sensation each time that initial insult is triggered. Eventually very obvious physical pain and disease will result, most commonly of the thyroid and para-thyroid glands, the glands associated with the throat chakra.

Most of my siblings have thyroid problems ranging for those able to be controlled through medication, to fully blown cancers. I’m very grateful that my wild and strong-willed dialogue in my teens was in fact, my saving grace.


If you’re finding that communication is a problem for you and/or your team or family, then investigating the energies in and around the throat chakra and surrounding tissues would be a good place to start.

If you would like to explore what is holding you back, with simple and highly effective energy healing, get in touch for a no-obligation chat. We'll talk over your concern and you'll be able to decide if you want to work with me further.


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