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5 Actions for Business Women to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome. Those dreadful feelings of self-doubt and fear of being judged we experience even when we know we are competent and we have the success to prove it.

We’ve achieved so much to get us to where we are today. We’ve studied and perfected our craft, and often had a ton of experience.

Yet every time we put ourselves out there we hold our breath in anticipation of some troll or someone in our peer group judging our work or criticising our content.

That fear of impending judgment springs from a deep well of self-doubt.

When we show up with any degree of reservation, we're going to be judged as incompetent.

This image is imposter syndrome & self-doubt

FIVE actions you can take starting today.

1. Back yourself to adapt, change and learn on the go

Men do this! Women feel they have to be 100% confident with their competence before stepping up, whereas men will back themselves with just 60% certainty. Confidence is a better measure of success than competence so focus on what you are good at and go for it. Overconfidence is going to get you more recognition and more social status. Yep! You read that correctly. We’re more likely to be overlooked for promotion and less likely to succeed when we show up with feelings of reservation. So build confidence in your ability to adapt, change and learn. The rest will come.

2. Take any kind of action

When we take action we get the data we need to make the next decision. Do we tweek, fine tune, scrap it and start again? Without action this data is not available to us. We need to fail sometimes to know what the next step is. In fact, the more we fail the faster we learn.

3. Recognise your magnificence

Give yourself credit where credit is due. We underestimate our brilliance and play small. We’ve forgotten all the amazing things we’ve done, decisions we’ve made, things we’ve learned, adaptations we’ve implemented to get to where we are today. Use this tool to help you to remember your magnificence.

4. Surround yourself with a supportive network

A great group of friends who lift you up does wonders for your confidence. A supportive business community will add enormous benefits to your self-esteem. We need support to make sustainable change and grow both personally, professionally and in our businesses.

5. Build your internal resilience

Get an early night. Melatonin is the sleep hormone that will not only give you a good night’s sleep, it is also is a great antioxidant. It reduces inflammation and anxiety as well. Gentle exercise regularly. Also reduces anxiety and refreshes your body energetically.

Align your workday with your natural energy resources. Download "My Workday Flows" to help you achieve that. Release old stories about being judged. Generations of women have been raised and subordinated in a patriarchal society. We’re holding onto deep ancestral stories in our genetic material to remind us that we don’t measure up. It’s time to release them. I can help you.

About Me: Josie Coco

My work helps you to overcome STUCK and BLOCKED with procrastination, self-doubt, self-sabotage, indecision, lack of clarity and more…and build the RESILIENCE to master your business challenges and BECOME A LEADER in your niche. I’m a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner of BodyTalk Consciousness-Based Energy Psychology and Health and Well-being Mentor. You are welcome to seek more information and work with me here.


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