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Self-healing is possible when we align with our natural drive to thrive

Nature is one of my best teachers. I'm curious about the happenings in the garden and often look more deeply to try to understand how nature is achieving the results it does. In nature I see thriving. Regardless of how much we humans damage our habitat, nature knows how to overcome and thrive in spite of us.

This is my first post in Nature's Wisdom. I've decided to record some of my findings as I go about establishing my garden.

My home was built about 5 years ago, and about 2 years after getting the keys and moving in I planted a few plants and trees, then proceeded to neglect them.

My avocado is a dwarf Hass and is 3 years old. A neighbour mentioned that he loses his avocado trees in the 3rd year and he doesn't know why. That scared me so I rushed home to check mine.

Sure enough, the Hass has a fungal condition with ALL the branches completely black. It was also dropping leaves.

After a bit of research I discovered that they sometimes come from nurseries with a disease in their roots, and sure enough, on doing a BodyTalk session with this girl she told me, yes, she has a root infection.

Any wonder. I hadn't been caring for her and assessing her needs. Trees are forest dwellers, not ornaments. We tend to plant a tree and surround it with lawn and hope for the best. When we really look into their natural habitat we find that they live closely together and their feet are covered in thick mulch. Even in our bushland here in Australia, a place that is relatively dry, at the foot of the gum trees is a lot of mulched leaves.

I set about correcting my negligence and caring for my garden, making friends with the plants and checking in with them morning and night.

My ailing avocado was treated with compost tea over a few weeks, maybe 3 or 4 doses around her root system and sometimes on her leaves. I applied plenty of thick layer of mulch

She also asked to be connected with the Lilly Pilly and asked if it could share resources to help her recover. The Lilly Pilly roots are pretty close to the avocado, I noticed.

So with a lot of TLC and a bit of energy work, just one month later the fungal infection is receding.

This post is written some months after the video. Right now all her avocados are much bigger. There are about 40 of them. She is growing beautiful new fresh green shoots and looking really good.

There's still a fair bit of black on her branches but she did say it would take some time to clear up properly.

So just like us humans, to thrive we, and they, need good nourishment, connection, and a supportive environment. Then self-healing is possible. She's now aligned with her drive to thrive, and she's thriving.


I'm Josie Coco

Access to the right words, the right actions at the right time and the right place. The NEW best version of YOU is about SELF-MASTERY.

I’m a Well-being and Self-Mastery Mentor and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. And I'm loving learning about life from my garden.

You are welcome to seek more information here. If you're ready to learn to live more fully with ease, let's talk. Make a time here to discuss your immediate concerns. If I can help you I'll let you know.


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