• Josie Coco

Self-healing is possible when we align with our natural drive to thrive

Nature is one of my best teachers. I'm curious about the happenings in the garden and often look more deeply to try to understand how nature is achieving the results it does. In nature I see thriving. Regardless of how much we humans damage our habitat, nature knows how to overcome and thrive in spite of us.

This is my first post in Nature's Wisdom. I've decided to record some of my findings as I go about establishing my garden.

My home was built about 5 years ago, and about 2 years after getting the keys and moving in I planted a few plants and trees, then proceeded to neglect them.

My avocado is a dwarf Hass and is 3 years old. A neighbour mentioned that he loses his avocado trees in the 3rd year and he doesn't know why. That scared me so I rushed home to check mine.

Sure enough, the Hass has a fungal condition with ALL the branches completely black. It was also dropping leaves.