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Feel Good!

If there is one piece of advice that everyone should hear, it is this: no matter what, plan to feel good!

Feel Good if for no other reason than that it is our most fundamental yearning.

Feel good!

Feeling good will improve your health, and will certainly improve your happiness as it generates a surge of high energy vibration through your entire energy system to invigorate your whole body and your life.

Every cell in your body will be invigorated by the Feel Good feeling. It's the healing vibration!

The more you feel good, the better life will get. Plan to feel good as often as you can manage it. Make it a goal to stay in a good feeling place throughout the day.

“How?” you might well ask. You’re overworked, underpaid and up to your eyeballs in kid’s homework, while at the same time attending to yesterday’s laundry and trying to scratch together an evening meal.

Here is a simple and effective way to feel good. Find something to APPRECIATE. When you can look out into the world and see the beautiful blue day, sun streaming through the window on a frosty winter morning, buds of fresh new leaves pushing through as the trees again begin to spring to life, your child’s smile, a friendly phone call, a flower, a child playing, lovers holding hands, use this opportunity to feel good.

Find something to appreciate.

Make it a practice on your way to work, as you go about your daily chores, during your work breaks.

Your mind will be filled with a lot of thoughts and if you are anything like most of us, you probably don’t exercise very much quality control over those thoughts, and they are often anything but feel good thoughts.

So use this time to train your thoughts to notice things that make you feel good.

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