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Mindset, Matter and Morphic Resonance

Your body is a masterpiece of coordinated perfection. Just think about that for a moment.

Your body has innumerable processes and systems that all function according to a master plan, a set of instructions, a blueprint for your biology.

  • What is it that tells your cells to perform the functions that they do?

  • How do they know which organ or gland they belong to?

  • How does a stem cell, that can differentiate into any cell at all, know exactly where to go and what type of cell to become?

Video: The Inner Life of the Cell

Do you know that every system that you rely on: respirations, digestion, blood and lymph and nerve circulation, reproduction, and dozens more all exist within each and every cell. How do your cells know how to do all these functions?

It's called Morphic Resonance, researched extensively by Dr Rupert Sheldrake amongst others.

When something is not going to plan and you know that your digestion is not flash, for example, then there's every chance that the same thing is going on at the cellular level.

This is what I work with when I'm working at the quantum level of your biology. After listening to your story, I then check in with your innate wisdom and it shows me what that might look like at the quantum level.

I totally love how amazing our body is!

Here's the most profound thing of all!

Those instructions, that blueprint? It's carried in your energy fields. Your cells have an energy field, your organs have an energy field, your glands, your digestion, your respiration - all have their own energy fields.

Your body might appear like matter to you, but the matter that appears so solid and inflexible is actually vibration. Slow, steady, low grade vibration, with a minute amount of actual matter.

Recently it was reported by Nassim Haramein in "The Connected Universe", that if we took all the matter of all the humans on this planet and compressed it down, we would get a block the size of a sugar cube. A very heavy sugar cube, but a sugar cube non-the-less.

By far the larger component of your body is energy. The space between the component particles of atoms is filled with energy, light and information. (Prof Fritz-Albert Popp)

I work with the information in that energy field. We call it consciousness. Specifically my work is concerned with the disruptions to the natural consciousness. Put another way, my work is concerned with disruptions to the blueprint information in those energy fields.

That's where your MINDSET issues are. Right there. In those energy fields.

P.S. Your business also generates an energy field. It also creates a morphic resonance, and that information will also be disrupted. My Solutions Beyond Strategies programme will help you with that.


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