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What’s in the Mix of Your Business Energy Field?

'Something is stopping me. I don't follow through. It's not flowing. I find reasons to distract myself, and I end up procrastinating and then nothing gets done. I had a problem in my team which is now resolved but my team won't let it go!"

Sound like you? You're not alone.

It’s true that most businesses don’t ever get the opportunity to negotiate the major milestones from start-up to maturity.

There’s this commonly quoted statistic that no entrepreneur wants to hear. It goes like this - 95% of businesses will fail in the first 5 years.

Some of it has to do with business know-how.

Most of it, around 60% of your success, will depend on understanding and resolving how you and your team show up.

What are you bringing to the table?

I’m talking here about the unseen variables that you bring with you. What it is that has created the personal qualities that you express today? Like all of us you were born into, and raised with your specific recipe of family traits and traditions, ancestral traumas, cultural and religious beliefs, and your own life experiences.

You can look at it from a psychology perspective, which we’ve been doing for years and largely missing the point. Or you can look at it from another perspective altogether.

Energy and Information

What sort of energy and information are you bringing to the table?

It was the quantum physicist Nikola Tesla who said, “If you want to know the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

All of that stuff, all of those experiences, traits and traumas that I mentioned - they are the information.

That information is contained in a field of energy that you generate. It is in constant motion circulating out from you, and back to you.

Your energy field transmits the tone or resonance of your presence as well as clearly discernible information about your beliefs and expectations and attitudes, as you show up for your business every single day. And that is being received by everyone you make contact with.

Your business also has an energy field

... and it’s closely connected to you as its creator. Its information is the systems and policies and procedures and processes that you create and follow. And in the mix is your energy field filled with the information that you bring.

Now think of your team. That’s anyone associated with your business. It could include your family, close confidants, as well as business partners and employees or contractors.

Each and every one of those people is bringing their energetic offering, and contributing to the energy field of your business.

Each and every one of those people is bringing their back-story. Their childhood traumas, their relationship concerns, their deeply held and ill-serving beliefs. And it’s all in the melting pot that you call your business.

You only ever draw to you more of who you are

You take your energy field to every consultation, to every interview, to every employment meeting. You match it with others and you choose according to what feels comfortable to you. You achieve this with a combination of skill and gut feeling.

Do you always employ the most cooperative staff member, engage the most reliable contractor, or align with the most trustworthy confidant?

In spite of all the best practice strategies for every aspect of business development, your business is still not developing as you had hoped.

There is just one thing that you have absolute control over and that is you and how you show up.

Align with the natural flow of life

When you are aligned with the natural flow of life, you allow what is there in front of you, and you adjust as needed.

When you align with the natural flow of life you manage your energy and information to support your forward motion.

You view your experiences as information, as data informing you of how you are tracking and what may need to be reviewed.

This aligning with the natural flow of life will invariably show you when you need to clear your old stories, and when it’s time to shed limiting traits, beliefs and traumas inherited from your family and ancestors.

As you align with the natural flow of life the resonance of your energy field will become clearer and more in tune with what you want to achieve. You will continue to match with like-minded people and attract that which is on your wavelength. And by that I mean, you will continue to attract that which is matching what you are experiencing energetically.

As your energy and information becomes clearer and more aligned, you’ll attract higher quality experiences, more aligned staff and better business associates.

You’ll access higher quality energy and information. And you'll take your business with you.

It starts with you. Be mindful of the energy and information that you are offering.

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