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When Emotions Become Physical: Brad’s Story

When a client presents with a physical condition they don’t often realise that their emotional life most often plays a significant role in its development.

It’s not unusual for the physical condition to present as the advanced symptom of unresolved, deeply-held emotions.

These emotional reactions often involved one of the body’s main energy systems, the chakra system, interfering with the ability of the person to develop into the energies offered by the chakra system in a healthy and life-enhancing way.

Brad came to see me after his doctor had diagnosed that he had a lymphoma the size of his fist, located centrally in his chest. He had experience with The BodyTalk System and wanted to use it as part of his healing journey.

Brad is a scientist, widely read on medical material, well educated and felt competent to decide his own path forward. He decided to use the diagnostic tools of modern medicine and work with complementary healing practices.


His first visit included an full health and well-being assessment and initial energy healing session at which time his innate wisdom revealed his healing priorities, including the timeframe and number of sessions that BodyTalk would need to assist him. He was to have 10 sessions, 3 weeks apart.

Brad looked surprised, recounted that this was 30 weeks, and asked if he could commit to one-half of those sessions initially, reviewing the second half when the time got closer. It was agreed.

It wasn’t until later in the course of his sessions that Brad divulged that his Doctor had said that he probably had less than 3 months to live – 12 weeks.


The lymphoma occupied the region of his heart chakra and the very first thing that his innate wisdom revealed was that it had developed as a means of protecting his heart.

A lymphoma is a cancerous growth of a lymph gland, which is an integral part of our immune system, the job of which is to protect us. The lymphoma was doing this, albeit in a pathological way.

On further enquiry, the story of the lymphoma was that it was protecting Brad, and this protection was related to an event that occurred when he was 14 years of age.

Brad divulged that his son had just turned 14 years of age, and continued by telling me that at that age his own father had left the family home.

He remembered feeling bewildered and lost, and didn’t know how to process this jolt to family stability.

He had never forgiven his father for leaving him and had never been able to fully process his hurt and anger. He remembers missing his father dearly.

Brad had little to do with his father from that age until now, and the times they did spend together were fraught with conflict.


At that age of 14 – 21 years, we are developing into the energies of the solar plexus chakra. A time when we are coming into our personal power, our confidence, our radiance.

It’s a time when we find meaningful ways to occupy our time with fulfilling activities that provide us with an opportunity to express our talents and attributes.

We're also developing self-respect and respect for others, an outgoing personality and a cheerful and spontaneous disposition.

This event, his father leaving, was a significant blow to Brad’s ability to develop into the solar plexus energies well. He consequently integrated them poorly suffering from low self-esteem, isolation and the absence of his role model created havoc with his ability to develop into his adult masculinity.

For Brad it was a time of questioning his self-worth, and blaming himself for the family breakdown. A time of deep inner hurt and pain that he felt he couldn’t share. He turned inwards, rejecting friends and family, and carried his pain close to his chest.

This in turn interfered with his ability to integrate the heart chakra energies of healthy self-love, self-acceptance, healthy processing of emotions, and balance in his relationships.


When we shut down our heart energies, and become overly protective of ourselves, we are saying to our body that we are unable to process these emotions. We begin the process of armouring our heart.

As our emotions are an integral aspect of our life, we are saying that we are unable to live fully.

The heart chakra energies are located over the mid-sternum (chest bone) area, and incorporate the thymus gland, a master gland for the immune system.

One way that our immune system may respond is to step right up in its effort to protect us. It may become overly protective to the point of where it may indiscriminately protect us from ourselves, such as might happen with autoimmune diseases and some immune system cancers.

Brad’s case seemed to be very typical of this response.


During the course of our time together it became clear that Brad was at risk of repeating the same behaviour of his father - preparing to leave his son at 14 years of age, albeit through a different means.

His innate wisdom clearly revealed the repeating pattern. Brad had a choice to make - continue in this vein or commit to putting an end to this cycle.

His marriage was strained to the point of breaking, he had seriously considered leaving the family, and anyway, he was told he had just 12 weeks to live. So one way or another he became aware that the same life cycle was playing out.

During the course of his 10 sessions, Brad and I worked diligently, guided by his innate wisdom. Me through the energy healing work of The BodyTalk System, mostly at the physical level of the immune system and energy frequencies of the lesion, and he through making a commitment to undertake the processes that were prescribed by his innate wisdom to enable him to nurture and support that inner 14-year old boy who was still very lost.


With support and mentoring Brad was able to revisit the solar plexus and heart energies and reintegrate them in a healthy way. He was able to revisit his transition into his adult masculinity, and develop his self-respect and self-love with confidence.

Brad’s inner place of personal power grew in strength until he was able to make the strong declaration that he was NOT going to repeat the actions of his father and leave his 14-year old son.

At that moment, his father reappeared on the scene, and more healing transpired.

Brad completed his course of 10 sessions – 30 weeks - growing in health and vitality. He continues on his journey with other modalities that became appropriate to his needs at that time.

It was an honour and a privilege to participate and observe Brad grow through this profound healing journey.


Our emotional wounds find a home in our body as pockets of dense, low frequency vibrations. Unresolved, these emotional pockets of energy, in BodyTalk we call them active memories, continue to be triggered and expand exponentially.

Our physical body often eventually responds.

If we feel raw, open, vulnerable and lost, protection may be what we are seeking, and our body may respond in whatever way it knows how.

With an understanding of body psychology, also called body consciousness, these responses are often predictable.

Healing of this nature is deep healing at the source of the problem. It is not merely about symptom relief.


If you are struggling with emotional problems and would like some help, my advice is to find a practitioner that you feel that you can work well with. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. As humans, our emotional life is complex.

Be guided by your medical practitioner if your emotional problems are interfering with your mental health.


I’m an Inner Stability Mentor and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. I work primarily with business and professional women, using the consciousness-based, energy medicine processes of The BodyTalk System.

If you would like to work with the health and integration of this major aspect of your energy system, read more here.


Brad’s story was shared with permission, although his name has been changed of privacy reasons.


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