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Procrastination is Not a Life Sentence.

Just because you've always done it, that doesn't mean that it defines you. That this is your lot. This is who you are.

When Stan arrived for his first session he told me he had noticed a ball of energy in his solar plexus region that restricts his breathing. He notices it each time he prepares for a clinic session with a client. “It’s getting worse.” (Stan is a newly graduated complementary health practitioner who is beginning to set up in Practice).

Stan declared that he is a classic procrastinator. He always finds things to distract himself from the important things that need to be done. He’s always been like this … this is just who he is. "How do I stop procrastinating?" was not a question that Stan had asked himself as he just considered that this is who he was.

Stan had also been struggling with cluster headaches, and occasional migraines.

I noticed that even Stan’s frame was out of balance, with his left shoulder lower than his right, and his head and chin off centre, to the right.

Stan booked 5 sessions. At his 2nd session he reported noticing that his family relationships had improved quite markedly. By the 3rd session Stan told me his procrastination was less noticeable. He was finding that he was able to just do what was in front of him to do. His wife couldn't believe it!

At Stan’s 4th session he couldn't wait to tell me that his procrastination and his cluster headaches seemed to have resolved completely. He hadn’t experienced either at the usual times he would have normally expected both.

Stan’s last session put the finishing touches on as it prepared him for a new life experience altogether. His long-held beliefs about his value and worth seemed to have dissolved. He was excited and animated for the potential ahead of him.

Stan's Story

Stan’s story included guilt he had adopted when he was quite young, at the time of his parents separation. His older brother had moved out of the family home so he felt it was his responsibility to step up as the “man of the house”. This not only affected Stan, it also affected his current family dynamics with his own son and daughter.

Stan inherited a trait from his great-great-grandfather related to fear, guilt and control. These showed up in his physical body as what appeared to be stenosis (narrowing) in the 2nd ventricle of the brain where spinal fluid pools and drains as it circulates around the brain and spinal cord. This causes a back-pressure on the spinal fluid as it's restricted from draining freely, and was the most likely cause of his headaches.

These traits also seemed to affect the blood circulation system in his body, with narrowing of the valves in the veins in particular. These physical symptoms appeared to be his body’s way of supporting him to hold back, and were reflecting his tendency to restrict or control his progress.

This story complex of traits, emotions, and physical changes was affecting Stan's kidney and the heart networks. He had physical symptoms of cluster and migraine headaches, and it appeared that he had physical changes to the vessels involved. Had things progressed without intervention, this may very well have lead to more severe symptoms.

As these stories were investigated with Stan’s inner wisdom, and observed as his innate wisdom indicated, Stan was able to begin to show up for his new practice just as he had hoped to. “I’m no longer a procrastinator!” Stan was super excited about this new direction and the potential for his life in the future. Suddenly he was able to experience a success mindset that had not been accessible prior.

Stan’s physical frame had also adjusted by the last session, with both shoulders symmetrical and his head and chin central to his body.

When all the elements of the story are brought together and brought to awareness, your body's self-healing processes are able to adjust and become more efficient. It's not important to know how. We can never know how the body is able to heal itself so meticulously and perfectly. We just know it can.

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NOTE: Name has been changed to protect identity. Story shared with client’s permission.

About Me: Josie Coco

My work reveals how procrastination, self-sabotage, self-doubt, indecision, and lack of clarity show up, and keep you stuck. It enables you to readily release them so that you can show up for your business no matter what. I’m a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner of BodyTalk Consciousness-Based Energy Psychology and Health and Well-being Mentor. You are welcome to seek more information and work with me here.


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