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When helpful begins to hurt

When we are super helpful, offering to support and do for others to make sure that their requests are met, we often attract a lot of positive feedback and heart-warming appreciation.

It feels lovely to receive that appreciation.

We feel as though we are building good relationships. We feel kind and considerate and helpful. We might even become known for our generosity.

Sometimes it comes at a cost

One of the signs that it's a bit out of balance is when we begin to feel twinges of resentment.

We might feel as though too much is being asked of us.

We might feel as though we don't have time for ourselves because we give so much to others.

Another sign might be that we begin to have digestion problems. We might experience a bit of an acidic reflux that regularly becomes uncomfortable.

We might find ourselves low in energy and we might even experience some dizziness.

Bringing balance to how you spend your time and energy is important for your well-being. The perfect balance is when you can meet your own needs AND those of others.

Sometimes that may require some negotiation on your part. You want to make sure that you have enough time and energy left for your own self-care.

Making this sort of change can feel really scary because it feels as though you are going to lose the love and support of those people that you have built relationships with.

Change requires a bit of a balancing for all parties

When you begin to demonstrate that you care as much about yourself as you do others, you'll gain the respect of people who'll learn exactly where the boundaries are for you.

Make sure you have your own support for this sort of change to help you through the transition.


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