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5 Steps to Build Confidence for Your Photo Shoot

How easy is it for you and I to pose in front of a camera to have our brand images taken? The mere thought of it can make you feel sick to the pit of your stomach.

We’ve worked in the corporate or government sector and we’ve pretty much been able to conform to the stereotypical dress standards required there – skirts, blouse and heels. We didn't have to be creative and have a signature colour palette.

We avoid going to the beach. We’re traumatized at the thought of fitting into those tiny, tight lycra swimming costumes, our only option. I’d rather wear those baggy board shorts any day. Wouldn’t you?

We’re expected to be thin and graceful with long flowing locks and have a personality that exudes naivety, softness, be flirtatious, and nurturing. Aaaagh!

And now? For our lovely soulful businesses, we’re forced to confront those stereotypes and be the cover girl for our own creations.

It’s not surprising then that we’re fraught with self-doubt. That our confidence goes south!

It’s not surprising that we’re full of self-judgment and horror as we examine the merchandise in the mirror and just don’t feel that we measure up!

Take these 5 steps. You are magnificent!

1. Your people are waiting for you

Regardless of the stereotypes, many people, your people, are looking to engage with someone who is authentic. Someone whose resonance is honest, true and there to be of service. That has a magic to it that can only be experienced at a visceral level, and that’s where it has the most impact. Here's what's important.

  • Your personality

  • Your wisdom

  • Your advice

  • Your warmth and generosity

  • and how you can help us

Think about this next time!

2. Step out in your own style

It’s time to change those stereotypes and you can do your bit. You don’t have to feel responsible for leading half the population away from the cover girl image. However each time you step out confidently in your own style you are making an impression for others, especially those gorgeous young women coming after us.

3. Examine your past

Examine your family’s approach to the stereotyping of the women and men in your family. That's where your early expectations were formed.

4. And your old jobs

It’s also a grand idea to look at those jobs you’ve had and the types of conditioning that they enforced through their rules and regulations for each gender – dress codes and expectations in terms of performance are examples.

5. Become aware

By being aware of the stereotypes that you're falling victim to, you begin to loosen the energetic ties to them. We’re talking here about those invisible connections we have to the cultural collective beliefs that we continue to be triggered by because at some stage we believed them. When these are released you'll feel free and at ease with your own unique being, your personality and your style. I can help.

And a bonus!

Don't be afraid of a little photoshopping to tidy things up. But not so much that it takes 20 years off your age, because... authenticity. Your wrinkles are the outward sign of your wisdom and experience. Love them!

About Me: Josie Coco

My work helps competent and capable women overcome STUCK and BLOCKED with procrastination, self-doubt, self-sabotage, indecision, lack of clarity and more…to develop an EXPANSIVE MINDSET to master your business challenges, and BUILD A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS. I’m a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner of BodyTalk Consciousness-Based Energy Psychology and Health and Well-being Mentor. You are welcome to seek more information and work with me here.


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