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7-Step Meditation for the 21st Century

I am the worst meditator ever!

Yet I use this tool every single day…

I’m never going to be a Yogi, but hey, that was never my aspiration anyway.

If meditation is not really your thing either, don't despair...

Here's why you should do it. When you meditate, your reach alpha brainwaves, and in time, theta brainwaves. When you have access to these brainwaves, your subtle senses are heightened.

By that I mean that you have much more access to your intuition and are able to sense things that you cannot sense in normal beta brainwaves that you work in everyday.

Here’s my fail-proof meditation method, and it’s especially great for busy people.

  1. Allocate 10 to 15 minutes each day to simply sit in a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted.

  2. Relax into a comfortable chair or the lotus position, whichever you like. You don’t have to do the lotus thing. A chair is just fine. Posture is important: back straight, no crossed legs or arms.

  3. To relax, simply become aware of your body from the top of your head, to your toes. Work through and just allow your body to sigh into a relaxed mode.

  4. Focus attention to your breath. Slow breathing that you are conscious of is all that is required.

  5. At this point I allow the energy that is in my head (because my head is always buzzing with energy!), to sink down to my heart space. I do this by focusing on my heart chakra space.

  6. Continue to breathe.

As thoughts come, just allow them, but don’t engage with the. So you might find a way to acknowledge them, and then return to your heart space. I usually say something like, “nice thought, not now”. That’s it!

If you do this practice every single day you will have a tool that you can’t do without.

Initially you’ll wonder what it’s all about, but as you become more still in the practice, you’ll be able to achieve all sorts of wonderful things:

  • Feel into your body

  • Ask for specific information and receive it

  • Receive inspiration

  • Get clarity on something in your life

  • Supercharge your manifesting for something that you want

  • Find peace in your day

  • Find things that are lost

  • Clear blocks

  • You’ll have direct access to your sub-conscious mind

  • ...and loads them!

So be patient, trust the process. Repeat every day!

I've been doing this mediation for years now and I can get answers, clear blocks and snap inspiration right out of the ether in less than 5 minutes flat.

If you feel that you would like some help, you can contact me for a “no obligation” chat anytime. This link will take you to my scheduler to make a time that works for you.

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