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Where Mind and Matter Merge

Gautama Buddha, in his meditative practice, is credited with discovering that the building blocks of our biology are quantum particles, particles that we now call atoms, and their various component parts. Whilst he described them in terms of the 4 elements of air, fire, earth and water, the Buddha was able to discern the vibrational nature of these elements and how it is that these particles are the building blocks from which all matter is derived.

The Buddha discovered that we are in essence, vibration. His realisation of this place where mind and matter merge, that everything changes, that nothing is permanent, is passed down in his meditation practice - Vipassana.

Vipassana is non-secular, simple and very effective.


For me this 10-day Vipassana meditation course was a 10-day science experiment. The lens through which I experienced Vipassana is the exploration of our biology at the quantum level of frequency/vibration, together with my experience and knowledge of the energy healing system of enquiry called The BodyTalk System.

The purpose of the 10-day retreat is to give meditators the opportunity to experience the laws of nature within the framework of their own biology, an opportunity to discover their truth. Notably the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Impermanence and the Law of Vibration.

There are 3 premises

  1. Live morally

  2. Master the mind

  3. Practise equanimity


Each of these 3 has a valid “scientific” sort of reason to support its effectiveness, and it was this that I was able to witness within the framework of my own body during the 10-day retreat.

  1. By living morally according to any code you like, although Vipassana has its own, (stealing, lying, killing, use of intoxicants and sexual misconduct), you are reducing your input of low vibration frequency in your biology. This pre-supposes that when you live immorally you feel guilty, or some other low vibe emotion as a consequence of your actions. When you experience these emotions you create a pocket of low vibration, dense energy in your body. Each time that emotion is triggered by another immoral act, that low vibe energy pocket and emotional trigger are intensified, seemingly exponentially, creating your own very special brand of misery. Eventually this misery will lead to pain and disease.

  2. Mastering the mind: By focusing the mind – like laser sharp focus, you are able to experience what would otherwise be sub-clinical symptoms. You become increasingly aware of those low vibration, dense pockets of energy that I spoke on in point 1. All your 5 senses are heightened. You get to distinguish between the collective mind and your own thoughts, to meet, greet and subdue your ego, and to wrangle with cravings and aversions (all of which contribute to form low vibration, dense emotional energy pockets within your biology.)

  3. The practise of equanimity: one of the keys to self-healing. With equanimity you bring the dense energy to awareness, and enable it to dissolve. You become aware that the subconscious mind is not at all subconscious, but rather a deep mind that expresses itself through sensations in the body. The energy of the easy state of equanimity differs from the reactive emotional energy that created the low vibe dense pockets of energy, thus seeming to cause them to dissolve by virtue of changing their energy structure.


In my BodyTalk Practice I reveal these pockets of low vibration energy by way of their consciousness; the story that created them. The body reveals formulas that link one pocket of low vibe, emotional energy to another, complete with their inter-related stories. When brought to awareness, these pockets of energy will dissolve. In Vipassana practise, it is possible to actually feel and track these formulas in my biology. It’s very interesting to be able to experience it from the two perspectives: consciousness and energetics – the place where mind and matter merge. And even more fascinating, is to experience the formula in my biology, then run a BodyTalk formula to release it, experiencing that release as it is happening. An elegant and beautiful way to affect healing. You can begin this process of releasing accumulated low vibe emotional pockets of dense energy by training your body to feel good. This is the first step.


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